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Kapiushon Quotes

Kapiushon is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Kapiushon ended in 1970.

Kapiushon Quotes

  • (Adrian Chase) "I told you, Oliver. You infect every life you touch. And now do you realize why? Because your crusade was based on a lie. You used your father's memory to justify a killing spree. There's a price to paid for that, Oliver. Your mother paid it. Your friend Tommy paid it, Laurel. Do you really want to tell me that John Diggle and Felicity Smoak's lives are better having known you?"
  • (Oliver Queen) "You -- promised to let me go."
  • (Adrian Chase) "And I'm a man of my word. But first I have a gift for you. This tatoo of yours. To be an American and named a captain of the Bratva, you must have done something extraordinary. When you look at it, it must; it must remind you of such a victory. Now, when you look at it, you'll think about our time here together and the secret that you confessed to me."
  • (Oliver Queen) "Whatever pain I caused you -- I'm sorry."
  • (Adrian Chase) "I believe you, Oliver. I just don't care."
  • (Konstantin Kovar) "My father once told me do not have hundred rubles but have a hundred friends."
  • (Malcolm Merlyn) "Fortunately, for us we have both friends and money."
  • (Anatoly Knyazev) "Viktor. I think he cut into tendon."
  • (Oliver Queen) "Oh, I don't think he's very happy that you're Pakhan."
  • (Anatoly Knyazev) "You think? I know. I wish there was less painful transfer of power in Bratva."
  • (Adrian Chase) "Cecil Adams. You know him by his street name, The Count.You put arrows in him."
  • (Oliver Queen) "He was gonna kill a friend of mine."
  • (Adrian Chase) "Felicity Smoak. Yeah."
  • (Adrian Chase) "Confess or you get the same 3 arrows."
  • (Oliver Queen) "Go to hell."
  • (Adrian Chase) "I've already been there, Oliver, and I've come back with a message for you."
  • (Konstantin Kovar) "When you see Taiana in the afterlife; heh heh; give her a kiss for me."
  • (Adrian Chase) "145 seconds. That's how long struggled under the water before he died. According to my father's autopsy, your arrow pierced his aortic arch, but it didn't kill him. No. He was still conscious enough to fell his lungs filling with water for 145 seconds."
  • (Oliver Queen) "And here you were bragging about a plan more intricate than torture."
  • (Adrian Chase) "Did you ever think about why I chose the name Prometheus? He challenged the omnipotence of the gods. You see, because, like you, they play judge, jury, and executioner. But Prometheus took away their power."
  • (Oliver Queen) "If that's what you're gonna do to me, you'll need to come up with something better than whatever this is."
  • (Adrian Chase) "I did. And the only way for you to stop it is to confess."
  • (Oliver Queen) "That I killed your father?"
  • (Adrian Chase) "Nothing so pedestrian. I want you tell me a secret, Oliver. I want you to confess to the one thing that you've been afraid to admit to yourself."
  • (Oliver Queen) "How many time am I gonna tell you that I don't know what you're talking about?"
  • (Adrian Chase) "Fine. You'll come around eventually. Now, where were we?"
  • (Anatoly Knyazev) "Oliver, maybe time is best for you to go back to America."
  • (Oliver Queen) "Anatoly, we're brothers. What's happening to you is happening to me."
  • (Galina Venediktov) "Tell me -- who killed my children?"
  • (Oliver Queen) "A monster."
  • (Konstantin Kovar) "Your undercut you, um -- Your new station, Mr. Knyazev. Pakhan of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, its, uh, it's no small feat."
  • (Anatoly Knyazev) "Nor is Samovol'shchnia. One of Gregor's last words."

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