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Comic Perversion Quotes

Comic Perversion is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Comic Perversion completed its run in 1970.

Comic Perversion Quotes

  • (Olivia Benson) "I'm so sorry. It's just my first time on the stand since Lewis."
  • (Rafael Barba) "I know. It doesn't matter. We both knew where this was headed."
  • (Olivia Benson) "We had to bring this case. It was the right thing to do, you know, for Carly, for the other victims."
  • (Rafael Barba) "This was not great for Carly or for the other victims. Are you sure this was not about your ego?"
  • (Olivia Benson) "What?"
  • (Rafael Barba) "Excuse me. We need the room."
  • (Olivia Benson) "What did you just say?"
  • (Rafael Barba) "You just took over the squad. You want to take a big name down, show everyone there's no special treatment under Sergeant Benson's watch."
  • (Olivia Benson) "You know that that's not me."
  • (Rafael Barba) "You have had a really tough year. You're going through a lot."
  • (Olivia Benson) "So which is it? I'm driven by ego or my judgment is impaired?"
  • (Rafael Barba) "Actually, my judgment is impaired. I never should have let you convince me to take this case."
  • (Olivia Benson) "We both decided that it was the right thing to do."
  • (Rafael Barba) "This was before I had all the facts. If your detectives had done their due diligence and found that video, I never would have brought this case to trial."
  • (Olivia Benson) "We're taking a hit. But blaming me? I thought we had each other's backs."
  • (Rafael Barba) "So do I."
  • (Olivia Benson) "Anybody else need a shower? He's vile."
  • (Brian Cassidy) "He's baiting you, Liv."
  • (Odafin Tutuola) "Master baiting."
  • (Olivia Benson) "So, the end of the day, it was the right thing to do to bring this case."
  • (Rafael Barba) "Don't fish. You snatched a tie out of the jaws of defeat. You want to stay commanding officer, I want you to stay commanding officer. Don't bring me cases like this."
  • (Josh Galloway) "Do you know what else ends with a "y"? Perjury."
  • (Josh Galloway) "Renee is absolutely right. Rape is not funny. Gang rape on the other hand is frigging hysterical."
  • (Josh Galloway) "No, seriously. It's the rule of threes: one guy rapes you, that's not funny. Two guys rape you, that's tragic. Three guys rape you, that's comedy. Renee, if you got gang raped tonight, you would get that."
  • (Renee Clark) "You're sick."
  • (Josh Galloway) "Life is my material. Our screwed up culture: racism, incest, rape. If you don't joke about it, you cry."
  • (Rafael Barba) "Oh, great, this isn't just grey, it's satyagraha grey."
  • (Rafael Barba) "I can ask for a temporary restraining order, but maybe she should change dorms."
  • (Olivia Benson) "Ah, so it's the victim who should change her life?"
  • (Josh Galloway) "Are you arresting me? I love it. Let's do it right here. We got paparazzi out front. Fine by me. We can make a little show."
  • (Josh Galloway) "Hey, Jay-Z, will you grab my bag?"

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