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Jumanji Quotes

Jumanji is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Jumanji completed its run in 1970.

It features Scott Kroopf, and William Teitler as producer, James Horner in charge of musical score, and Thomas E. Ackerman as head of cinematography.

Jumanji is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jumanji is 104 minutes long. Jumanji is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Robin Williams as Alan Parrish, Bonnie Hunt as Sarah Whittle, Kirsten Dunst as Judy Shepherd, Bradley Pierce as Peter Shepherd, Kirsten Dunst as Jim Shepherd, Laura Bell Bundy as Young Sarah, David Alan Grier as Carl, and James Handy as Exterminator.

Jumanji Quotes

Bonnie Hunt as Sarah Whittle

  • (Bonnie Hunt) ""Every month at the quarter moon / There'll be a monsoon in your lagoon.""
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Well, a little rain never hurt anybody."
  • (Robin Williams) "Yeah, but a lot can kill you."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Alan, please, last time I played this game, it ruined my life."
  • (Robin Williams) "It ruined your life? "In the jungle, you must wait 'til the dice read five or eight.""
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "I was a little girl, Alan. You disappeared, and a bunch of bats surrounded me and chased me down the street. I was afraid. I'm sorry, Alan. No one believed me. I was all alone."
  • (Robin Williams) "So was I. For 26 years, Sarah."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Do you know what it was like to have witnessed Alan Parrish's murder? Do you think anyone showed up at my 14th birthday party?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "What is the deal with you and this guy?"
  • (Robin Williams) "He's a hunter. He kills things, that's what he does. And right now, he wants to hunt me and kill me, okay?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Why you?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Why me? I don't know. Everything about me he finds offensive. You'd think it'd be a waste of his time. Maybe he needs something for his wall, you know, a Parrish; something to go between penguin and partridge."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) ""You're almost there with much at stake / But now the ground begins to quake.""
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Well, have you ever thought about just sitting down and talking about your differences?"
  • (Robin Williams) "What are you, crazy? The man has a gun."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Don't ever call me crazy, Alan. EVER. Because everyone in this town has called me crazy ever since I told the cops that you were sucked into a board game."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Alan, you wrestled an alligator for me."
  • (Robin Williams) "It was a crocodile. Alligators don't have that little fringe on their hind leg."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "My mistake."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "You might've told us there was a man in there with a rifle that hunts people."
  • (Robin Williams) "Well, I didn't know, okay? It's just the roll of the dice."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Is he the reason you didn't wanna play?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "You didn't want to play either, Mr. We-Started-Something-26-Years-Ago-And-Now-We've-Gotta-Finish-It?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "I knew this was going to be a bad day."
  • (Robin Williams) "Hey, come on, you'll be fine. We just have to keep our heads. Roll with the punches."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "I thought I lost you again."
  • (Robin Williams) "Thanks for sticking around this time."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "You just saw three monkeys go by on a motorcycle, didn't you?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Yeah."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Good girl."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "'They grow much faster than bamboo / Take care or they'll come after you'."
  • (Robin Williams) "Oh, great --"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Oh, God, tell me this isn't happening."
  • (Robin Williams) "Oh, it is."
  • (Robin Williams) "Stay away from the walls; don't touch anything. No quick movements."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Oh, get your hands off me."
  • (Robin Williams) "The game is not over yet, Sarah."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Well, it is for me. You are not in the jungle anymore. Stop this, you don't treat people like this."

Robin Williams as Alan Parrish

  • (Robin Williams) "You think that mosquitos, monkeys, and lions are bad? That is just the beginning. I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares. Things you can't even imagine. Things you can't even see. There are things that hunt you in the night. Then something screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you're not dessert. Afraid? You don't even know what afraid is. You would not last five minutes without me."
  • (Robin Williams) "What year is it?"
  • (David Alan Grier) "It was brand new."
  • (Robin Williams) "No, what year is it?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Uh, 1995, remember?"
  • (Robin Williams) "'95?"
  • (David Alan Grier) "You got some ID? Oh, let me guess, you probably left it in your other Tarzan outfit, right?"
  • (Robin Williams) "26 years."
  • (David Alan Grier) "Are you from around here?"
  • (Robin Williams) "I was. But I've been in Jumanji."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Indonesia. He was in the Peace Corps."
  • (Robin Williams) "So, when can you start?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Well, actually, Martha and I were thinking of taking a little skiing holiday in the Canadian Rockies."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "No."
  • (Robin Williams) "Sorry. We just --"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "-- need you to get that marketing done on the new line, pronto."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "No problem. No problem. You know, I can probably start next week."
  • (Robin Williams) "Okay, it's my turn. I got it. "Colonel Mustard in the Library with a wrench.""
  • (Robin Williams) ""Clue.""
  • (Robin Williams) "Do you know what happened to this shoe factory?"
  • (Shoe Factory Bum) "Yeah, it folded up, like everything else in this town. It's pretty cold out there. How about some coffee?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Why would they close Parrish Shoes?"
  • (Shoe Factory Bum) "Well, when his kid ran away, Sam put everything he had to find him; his time, his money, everything. After a while, he stopped coming to work. He just quit caring. I don't think anybody loved his boy more than Sam did."
  • (Robin Williams) "WHY DIDN'T YOU GRAB THE GAME, PETER?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Just ignore him, honey, he's a Libra."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"
  • (Robin Williams) "He'll head for water."
  • (Robin Williams) "Sarah and I would like to get out of the floor, so it's your turn, Peter."
  • (Robin Williams) "Where's Sir Sav-A-Lot?"
  • (David Alan Grier) "Monroe and Elm."
  • (Robin Williams) "The Episcopal Church."
  • (David Alan Grier) "No, it's not a church anymore. Now it's a Speedy Burger. Or at least it was. I don't know what's left of it. People in this town are goin' loopy."
  • (Robin Williams) "Don't worry. I've done this before. Once."
  • (Robin Williams) ""A hunter from the darkest wild / Makes you feel just like a child.""
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "What is it?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Van Pelt."
  • (Robin Williams) ""Beware of the ground for which you stand / The floor is quicker than the sand.""
  • (Robin Williams) "Stop giving me things that come apart."
  • (Robin Williams) "Listen, Carl. I know it doesn't mean much after twenty-six years. But I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
  • (David Alan Grier) "Sorry for what?"
  • (Robin Williams) "It's me, Alan."

Bradley Pierce as Peter Shepherd

  • (Bradley Pierce) ""Need a hand? Well, you just wait / We'll help you out -- we each have eight.""
  • (Bradley Pierce) "Judy."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "What?"
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "What happened?"
  • (Bradley Pierce) "I thought I could end the game myself. I was only ten spaces away."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) ""A law of Jumanji having been broken / You will slip back even more than your token.""
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "You tried to cheat?"
  • (Bradley Pierce) "No, I tried to drop the dice so they'd land on twelve."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "Oh, okay, honey. Well, that would be cheating."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Peter, your hands. Look at your hands."
  • (Bradley Pierce) ""His fangs are sharp, he likes your taste / Your party better move post-haste.""
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "I don't like the sound of that."

Kirsten Dunst as Judy Shepherd

  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Our parents are dead too. They were in the Middle East negotiating peace when --"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Did you hear anything a little while ago?"
  • (Bradley Pierce) "Do you miss mom and dad?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "No."
  • (Bradley Pierce) "Liar. If you don't cut that out, they're gonna send you to a shrink."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Where do you think they're gonna send you if you don't start talking?"
  • (Aunt Nora) "Now, let's try to relax, finish our dinner, and talk about something else."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Well, we found out why you got this house so cheap. 26 years ago, a kid named Alan Parrish used to live here. Then one day, he just disappeared, because his parents chopped him up in little pieces and hid him in the walls."
  • (Aunt Nora) "Okay, that's it. I am sick and tired of your lies, young lady. You're grounded."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Fine, there's nowhere to go in this stupid town, anyway. And just for your information, that wasn't a lie."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Alan, are you ready?"
  • (Robin Williams) "There is no "ready"."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Listen, I know you're upset and all, but I kind of feel we should finish the game."
  • (Robin Williams) "We? Why do you need me?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Well, just in case any scary stuff comes out. Plus, there's a lion in my aunt's bedroom. What am I supposed to do about that?"
  • (Robin Williams) "What do I look like, a Ringling Brother?"
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "But she'll be home soon."
  • (Robin Williams) "Won't she be surprised. I hope she's not allergic to cats."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Peter hasn't spoken a word since it happened."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh. Oh, my. I'm so sorry. How terribly awful."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "It's OK. We barely even knew our parents. They were always away. Skiing, gambling in Monte Carlo, on safari in darkest Africa. We didn't even know if they loved us. But when the Sheik's yacht went down, they managed to write us a really beautiful goodbye note that was found floating in a champagne bottle amongst the debris."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Excuse me."
  • (Aunt Nora) "They were very devoted parents. Car crash in Canada."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) ""There is a lesson you will learn / Sometimes you must go back a turn.""
  • (Alan Parrish, 1969) "Jumanji: a game for those who seek to find / a way to leave their world behind. You roll the dice to move your token, doubles gets another turn, the first player to reach the end wins."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Adventurers beware: do not begin unless you intend to finish. The exciting consequences of the game / will vanish only when a player has reached Jumanji and called out its name."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Alan, it's not working."
  • (Robin Williams) "Oh, no. It's not your turn."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Yeah, I rolled first and then Peter twice because he got doubles. Now it's my turn again."
  • (Robin Williams) "No, look. Two of these pieces are yours, right? What about the other pieces?"
  • (Robin Williams) "The elephant was mine. You're playing the game I started in 1969. I'm going to have to play."
  • (Robin Williams) "It's not my turn."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Whose turn is it?"
  • (Robin Williams) "Sarah Whittle."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "What happened to you, you shave with a piece of glass?"
  • (Robin Williams) "What happened to you, the Clampetts have a yard sale? What do you want, I never shaved before."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "I'm going to Motel Six."
  • (Aunt Nora) "Oh, for heaven's sake."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) ""Don't be fooled, it isn't thunder / Staying put would be a blunder.""
  • (Robin Williams) "Run. IT'S A STAMPEDE."

David Alan Grier as Carl

  • (David Alan Grier) "I should've been a fireman."

James Handy as Exterminator

  • (James Handy) "Bats aren't what I worry about in this house anyway."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "What would you worry about?"
  • (James Handy) "Well, personally, I wouldn't want to live in a house where someone was murdered."
  • (Kirsten Dunst) "Murdered?"
  • (James Handy) "Yep, little Alan Parrish. I'd say his father did it. There's 1,001 places he could've hid the body in this house; especially if he chopped it up first."

Laura Bell Bundy as Young Sarah

  • (Alan Parrish, 1969) "Oh, no. The game thinks I rolled."
  • (Laura Bell Bundy) "What do you mean "the game thinks"?"
  • (Laura Bell Bundy) ""At night they fly, you better run / These winged things are not much fun.""
  • (Laura Bell Bundy) "What was that?"
  • (Alan Parrish, 1969) "I; I don't know."
  • (Laura Bell Bundy) "Put it away, Alan."

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