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Jack and Jill (TV series) Quotes

Jack & Jill is a TV program that debuted in 1999 on The WB. Jack &amp ended its run in 2001.

Jack & Jill lasted 2 seasons and 32 episodes. Jack & Jill is executive produced by Mark Canton and Randi Mayem Singer. Jack & Jill is created by Randi Mayem Singer.

Jack & Jill is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jack & Jill is 42 minutes long. Jack & Jill is produced by Mark Canton.

The cast includes: Amanda Peet as Jack, Ivan Sergei as Jill, Sarah Paulson as Elisa, Simon Rex as Mikey, Justin Kirk as Barto, and Jaime Pressly as Audrey.

Jack & Jill Quotes

Sarah Paulson as Elisa

  • (Sarah Paulson) "Is that his new girlfriend?"
  • (Simon Rex) "No. Don't say that. It's not his new girlfriend, okay? She's more of a casual, let's-hope-she-goes-away-soon type o' gal."

Amanda Peet as Jack

  • (Amanda Peet) "What's the worst that could happen?. In a freak coincidence, everyone already has enough clean clothes for the week. We could starve, or dehydrate, or freeze to death."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "Or we could skip all that and just kill ourselves. You first."
  • (Amanda Peet) "You just don't understand me."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "It would be really boring if I ever did."
  • (Amanda Peet) "Look, this is my decision. This is my life. You have to stop."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "I can't stop. I can't risk not doing the one thing that is gonna keep you here, and I don't know what the one thing is, so I gotta keep doing everything until I hit it."
  • (Amanda Peet) "You don't keep it fully charged, do you?"
  • (Ivan Sergei) "No, I keep it minimally charged so if I'm ever locked in a laundry room with you I can fully annoy ya'. Who keeps their cell phone fully charged?"
  • (Amanda Peet) "I do."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "Well where is it?"
  • (Amanda Peet) "In the charger."
  • (Amanda Peet) "I can't sleep."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "Want me to tell you a bedtime story?"
  • (Amanda Peet) "Sure, why not?"
  • (Ivan Sergei) "Okay. Once I was sleeping with this girl..."
  • (Amanda Peet) "Not that kind."
  • (Amanda Peet) "I just don't think you should kick yourself just because you don't know what comes next. Maybe this is what comes next, what you're doing right now."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "I'm not doing anything. There's nothing I can do right now."
  • (Ivan Sergei) "What?"
  • (Amanda Peet) "It's just funny, 'cause when I look at you, all I see is, there's nothing you can't do."

Simon Rex as Mikey

  • (Simon Rex) "How about; "We did it on the floor, we did it by the door, so if you don't mind tonight, let's do it some more?""
  • (Justin Kirk) "He's like an X-rated Dr. Seuss."

Ivan Sergei as Jill

  • (Ivan Sergei) "I gotta give you credit. You lived on the edge for once in your life. You didn't even ask what was in the cake. But now you gotta wake up. You gotta wake up, be that same girl I fell in love with. A girl who puts post-its up to remind herself to buy more post-its. A girl who takes ten minutes to custom order a cappuccino. The only person that I know who actually waits until the strike of midnight to set the clocks back. A girl that just -- a girl that -- just drives me crazy. And it is the best feeling that I've ever had. And I don't ever wanna live without it."

Jaime Pressly as Audrey

  • (Unnamed) "I'm sure you realize the chances of sustaining oneself as a dancer long-term are so slim. Have you thought about what you'll do in the event that things don't work out in the long run?"
  • (Jaime Pressly) "Well, actually I thought I'd snag a young medical student and get him to marry me before he realizes what a lowbrow loser I am."

Justin Kirk as Barto

  • (Justin Kirk) "I was planning on taking off my clothes and singing "My Heart Will Go On" in the middle of Times Square. You know, something a little less embarrassing."
  • (Jaime Pressly) "Well, you can do that on the way home."

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