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Holocaust (miniseries) Quotes

Holocaust is a Miniseries that appeared on TV in 1978 on NBC. Holocaust ended its run in 1970.

Holocaust was on for 1 seasons and 4 episodes. It features Robert Berger (producer) as producer, Morton Gould as theme composer, and Brian West as head of cinematography. Holocaust is created by Gerald Green (author).

Holocaust is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Holocaust is 475 minutes long. Holocaust is produced by Titus Productions and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Michael Moriarty as Erik Dorf, David Warner as Reinhard Heydrich, Robert Stephens as Uncle Kurt Dorf, Deborah Norton as Marta Dorf, Ian Holm as Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Bottoms as Rudi Weiss, Tovah Feldshuh as Helena Slomova, Meryl Streep as Inga Helms Weiss, Tony Haygarth as Heinz Muller, Blanche Baker as Anna Weiss, Rosemary Harris as Berta Palitz Weiss, James Woods as Karl Weiss, Fritz Weaver as Dr. Josef Weiss, George Rose as Lowy, Tom Bell as Adolf Eichmann, and Sam Wanamaker as Moses Weiss.

Holocaust Quotes

Robert Stephens as Uncle Kurt Dorf

  • (Robert Stephens) "He hardly looks the blond beast."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "The blond beast?"
  • (Robert Stephens) "Eh, just a street expression."
  • (Robert Stephens) "A jolly man, that Heydrich. Not at all what I expected. What did somebody call him? The young god of death."
  • (Deborah Norton) "Oh that's dreadful. Who'd dare say a thing like that?"
  • (Robert Stephens) "Political enemies, I suppose."
  • (Deborah Norton) "Uncle Kurt, he's a refined and sensitive man. He could have been a concert violinist if he hadn't chosen to serve Germany."

Michael Moriarty as Erik Dorf

  • (Unnamed) "We've got sworn testimony from 24 witnesses that you helped supervise gassing operations at Auschwitz and other camps and were present when selections and mass killings took place."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "I may have been present a few times as Berlin's representative, but I made no decisions. These came from Berlin. The Jews had to be dealt with. Permitted to rise to power again their money and influence would destroy Germany, and that is why we, unwillingly to be sure, why we had to liquidate children. The children, we had to kill the children."
  • (Unnamed) "If I made the decisions, Dorf, I'd put a bullet in your head right now."
  • (Chemist) "I can only tell you it's a first class agent for delousing, fumigation. It won't clog machinery, and there's no apparatus to break down as in carbon monoxide."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Why do you mention carbon monoxide?"
  • (Chemist) "Rumors."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "I must confess, at times, I have difficulty keeping the SS, SD, and Gestapo seperate."
  • (David Warner) "So do we. It doesn't matter, I run them all."
  • (Unnamed) "What the hell do you know? I was head of the party legal office when you were in short pants."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Yes. Heydrich has a file on your legal career."
  • (Unnamed) "Does he?"
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Interesting details. Your passion for justice. Objecting to the murder of Ernst Roehm. Not at all what the Fuhrer had in mind for the Government of Poland."
  • (Unnamed) "I heard you were just another boot licker. Apparently you're not."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Doctor, things won't get easier for you."
  • (Fritz Weaver) "How much worse can they get? We're no longer citizens. We have no legal rights. Our property can be confiscated. I can't belong to a hospital. I can't get any drugs. In the name of humanity, what else can you do to us?"
  • (Michael Moriarty) "You mustn't come to me for help."
  • (Fritz Weaver) "No appeal on the basis of past associations?"
  • (Michael Moriarty) "No appeal. I bear you no personal malice."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Leave."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "You must be aware that almost to a man church leaders are actively supporting our policies."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, in that case, I must draw a distinction between what Christianity teaches and how some people distort and betray that teaching."
  • (Unnamed) "Such an intelligent young man. Our gift to the new era."

David Warner as Reinhard Heydrich

  • (David Warner) "No party affiliation."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Well, not until this moment."
  • (David Warner) "Why the sudden interest?"
  • (Michael Moriarty) "I need a job."
  • (David Warner) "Now that is refreshing. You don't know how many braggarts I have to listen to. Sycophants and connivers full of love for the party, the Fuhrer, the Reich. Such a relief to talk to a man who just wants a job."
  • (David Warner) "Autonomous Jewish territories. Marvelous."
  • (Michael Moriarty) "Will these be permanent communities?"
  • (David Warner) "Well, let's just say steps towards regulating the Jewish problem. Oh my God, Dorf, I'm getting like you. Using language to say what I don't mean."

Sam Wanamaker as Moses Weiss

  • (Sam Wanamaker) "Zalman, for the first time I feel the blood of King David in me."
  • (Unnamed) "Don't get carried away, Weiss."
  • (Sam Wanamaker) "Well, maybe just a drop or two."
  • (Sam Wanamaker) "You know, somehow, I don't make a convincing cowboy. Jews and guns, it's a bad combination."
  • (Sam Wanamaker) "I have the right name but I'm afraid I can't lead you to the promised land."
  • (Sam Wanamaker) "Aha. Instructions on how to assemble a land mine. Now I wonder if the Talmud has any advice for us on the subject."

Meryl Streep as Inga Helms Weiss

  • (Meryl Streep) "Denounce me. Accuse me of some crime. That isn't difficult. Then have me sent to Karl."
  • (Tony Haygarth) "Are you mad ? To that Czech prison?"

Tom Bell as Adolf Eichmann

  • (Tom Bell) "Weiss, what is the function of art?"
  • (James Woods) "The function of art? I believe someone said it is to enhance life."
  • (Tom Bell) "And you call this garbage life enhancing? Transport East? Ghetto children? How could you produce such lies, such distortions?"
  • (James Woods) "Because it's the truth."
  • (Tom Bell) "Now there rose up a new king in Egypt who knew not Joseph. Kaltenbrunner's our new king, eh Major?"

Joseph Bottoms as Rudi Weiss

  • (Unnamed) "How much did you hear?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Sounds like you're going to break out."
  • (Unnamed) "What's your name?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Rudi Weiss."
  • (Unnamed) "German?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Jew."
  • (Unnamed) "We are Red Army, 51st Division. Weiss, if you are spy, we have to kill you."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "I'm not a spy. If there's going to be a breakout, I want a gun. I was a partisan for two years."
  • (Unnamed) "Whose unit?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Uncle Sasha, the doctor from Koretz."
  • (Unnamed) "What actions were you involved in?"
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Ambushed the Ukranian SS on the Zhytomyr Road. We attacked the SS headquarters in Krimitch. We were caught trying to shoot up a convoy. My wife -- was killed. What is this place?"
  • (Unnamed) "Sobibor, Eastern Poland. They gas 2,000 Jews a day, burn the bodies. There is a field of ashes outside. The SS sleep on pillows stuffed with Jewish hair."

George Rose as Lowy

  • (George Rose) "You know? All this picking on the Jews. What did we ever do to them? All that business about killing Christ. That was a long time ago."
  • (Fritz Weaver) "I suspect the Nazis could care less about Christ or His teachings, but then I'm no theologian. I'm just a general practitioner."

James Woods as Karl Weiss

  • (James Woods) "Muller, can't you get me out? You're a friend of Inga's family. You know how much she's suffering. If you hate me because I'm a Jew, at least have pity on her."
  • (Tony Haygarth) "Who hates you? And how can you be so certain she's suffering?"
  • (James Woods) "What do you mean?"
  • (Tony Haygarth) "Women manage."
  • (James Woods) "Has she said something to you?"
  • (Tony Haygarth) "This is a business, Weiss. Jews understand business. You don't think I'd risk my neck playing mailman without getting paid."

Blanche Baker as Anna Weiss

  • (Blanche Baker) "There is no hope. Karl is in prison and Rudi ran away. Never a word from him. And Papa, in Poland, where it's like they came after him. Mama, you're acting as if this is a play. Writing letters. Talking about Papa's patients."
  • (Rosemary Harris) "It does no harm."
  • (Blanche Baker) "You always had that notion that you were someone special, so fine, so educated. The Nazis would never hurt you or your children. And look. Look what's happened to us."
  • (Meryl Streep) "Anna, your mother can't be blamed."
  • (Blanche Baker) "New Year's Eve. And who knows if any one of us will be alive for the next New Year."

Tovah Feldshuh as Helena Slomova

  • (Tovah Feldshuh) "Rudi, he's asking if you are a good Communist."
  • (Joseph Bottoms) "Oh yes. Sure. If it'll save my neck"

Ian Holm as Heinrich Himmler

  • (Ian Holm) "Gentlemen, I have never been so proud of German soldiers. Your consciences can be clear. I will be responsible before God and Hitler for all your acts."

Rosemary Harris as Berta Palitz Weiss

  • (Rosemary Harris) "Hitler has Czechoslovakia. He has Austria. What more does he want? It's enough for him to digest all that Austrian pastry and that Czech beer."

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