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Gone for Goode Quotes

Gone for Goode is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Gone for Goode stopped airing in 1970.

Gone for Goode Quotes

  • (Sgt. Kay Howard) "Homicide: We work for God."
  • (Det. Stan Bolander) "What's a lady like you doing in a place like this?"
  • (Dr. Carol Blythe, M.E.) "Looking for Mr. Right."
  • (Det. John Munch) "We're homicide detectives, go rob somebody else."
  • (Det. Beau Felton) "Amazing. Life is amazing."
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "Really?"
  • (Det. Beau Felton) "This must be a mistake. Am I actually going on a routine call with Frank Pembleton?"
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "You're right. It's a mistake."
  • (Det. Beau Felton) "Frank Pembleton only works the big investigations. This is just some dead guy."
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "See what happens when I come into the office?"
  • (Det. Beau Felton) "Imagine; handling a routine call with Detective Frank Pembleton."
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "I'm slumming."
  • (Det. Tim Bayliss) "Why do you think that this kid would be riding around in Burger's white T-Bird when that was the easiest way to link him to the murder?"
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "I don't know 'cause -- crime makes you stupid."
  • (Det. Tim Bayliss) "Can I quote you on that?"
  • (Det. Frank Pembleton) "What you will be privileged to witness will not be an interrogation, but an act of salesmanship; as silver-tongued and thieving as ever moved used cars, Florida swampland, or Bibles. But what I am selling is a long prison term, to a client who has no genuine use for the product."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "Hey, what was that?"
  • (Cemetery Manager) "That's the top. You got the top of the box right there."
  • (Cemetery Manager) "Just get that, pull that out, don't even mess with it."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "That's a pretty cheap lookin' casket, ain't it?"
  • (Cemetery Manager) "Styrofoam. Buried like a hamburger. I could have put him in stainless steel for 2200 dollars. Find that for less than six grand."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "Come on, hurry up, will ya?"
  • (Cemetery Manager) "Hurry up, will ya?"
  • (Cemetery Manager) "I could have put him in solid cherry for 1800. Try and find that for less than four grand."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "He look a little -- small, like a, like a prune or somethin'."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Don't ya think he looks heavier in the picture?"
  • (Cemetery Manager) "Nobody stays fat down there."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "You in your own little world 'cause don't no one wanna live there with you."
  • (Det. Tim Bayliss) "Excuse me, hi; where could I get a cup of coffee?"
  • (Det. John Munch) "There's a machine on the first floor."
  • (Det. Stan Bolander) "There's coffee right in there."
  • (Det. John Munch) "That's our coffee."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Meldrick: If I could just find this damn thing, I could go home."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "Life is a mystery. Just accept it."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "You're in your own world, Crosetti."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "The quest for life -- not finding -- looking. I read about it in this book."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Now, since when did you ever read a book?"
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "I read this book -- an excerpt in this book."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "You see? That's what I'm sayin', man. You said you read a book but you didn't read nothing but an excerpt."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "It says you never find what you're looking for because the whole point is looking for it. So, if you find it, it defeats its own purpose."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Y'know you're in your own little world because don't no body else wants to live in there with you."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "You try to explain everything, ya know, but there are things you cannot explain."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Y'know what you are, man? You are a little fat head guinea,you know that? A little Italian Salami-brain."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "You're gonna regret that."
  • (Det. Meldrick Lewis) "Man, let's c'mon back and look for this projectile tomorrow, alright?"
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "All right."
  • (Det. John Munch) "I'm upset because every relationship I think I have is not the relationship I actually have."
  • (Det. Steve Crosetti) "That's the problem with this job. It's got nothin' to do with life."
  • (Bernard) "I'm telling the truth this time. You don't believe me?"
  • (Det. John Munch) "Frankly, I preferred your Jamaican story better. It had a kind of Elmore Leonard quality."

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