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Funny Quotes From Surf's Up - Page 2

Filmmaker: Quiet on the set. And we're rolling. Cody Maverick interview, take one.
Cody Maverick: So why are you guys here to interview me?
Tank Evans: I'm gonna chum the water with your head!
Cody Maverick: Bring it on, pecker face! Let's go.
Tank Evans: Pecker face?
Mikey Abromowitz: You know, I used to scout for songbirds - toucans - for this musical revue in Brazil... Now that's show business.
Mikey Abromowitz: Start the whale!
Arnold: A winner is someone who doesn't knock me off my surfboard, and break it when I'm trying to get some big waves. Especially Tank, he's definitely not a winner.
Smudge: He's a dirty trash can full of poop.
Chicken Joe: Whoah! You gotta try this blowhole thing, man! This whale dude is giving me a brain freeze.
Tank Evans: What's up with the hair? You could fit a whole fish in there.
Rob: How's it feel to win, Joe?
Chicken Joe: I won?
Chicken Joe: Butt freeze!
Cody Maverick: Well, I lost.
Big Z: Yeah. Me, too. Come on, loser.
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