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Funny Quotations About Anniversaries - Page 3

Spending years upon years with someone you hate may sound like a nightmare, but it is commonly called "marriage".
When God gave us weddings, he gave us anniversaries: a man's way to continually repay his wife for all the hardships he has caused her.
It seems like just yesterday that it was our 10th anniverary. Of course, we've been married for only two months, but wow you are hard to deal with.
It's only our second anniversary. Why does it feel like we've been together for 20 years?
My wife always wants an anniversary present. I told her this year that I gave her one last year and asked her, "Why do we have so many anniversaries?" She said, "We could always divorce!"
My wife always makes sure that I don't forget forget our anniversary. This year she put a post-it note on my head when I was asleep.
Anniversaries are God's way of telling us that we shouldn't kill each other for 365 days a year except on leap years.
Today is the anniversary of our wedding. That's 365 days of hell, if you are counting.
Annivesaries are the best time to tell about our love, have a great dinner, and then ask for a huge favor after our partner is buttered up.
When hate gets in the way there are always anniversaries to put the love back for a day so we can buy our wives a present.
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