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20 Great Images to Inspire Beautiful Poetry

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

Like most arts, poetry needs inspiration. That inspiration can come from a large variety of places: your love life, your family, your hobbies, and many other subjects. Actually, the list is endless. Being inspired can come from basically anywhere under the sun and even beyond.

Nonetheless, this doesn't mean you are always motivated. If you are reading this, you probably need a bit of motivation yourself.

To help you out, I've selected 20 great images which will help you create a beautiful poem.

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  1. This beautiful woman is great inspiration for men of all ages and some women too.

    Windy Girl

  2. Here are some beautiful mountains from a distance with people standing within the landscape. Great for nature writings or other inspiration.

    Snow Mountains Parang

  3. Old metal objects is the name of this photo. Out on the sea.

    Old Rusty Metal Objects

  4. If you love animals like me, you'll surely be able to take a few words from this photograph.

    Horses in the Mountains

  5. Humor is sometimes the best medicine, even for writing.

    Stuff plush crow

  6. This image is for all the dog lovers out there.

    Dog Playing In The Water

  7. This dandelion still has its fluff. A wonder of nature and a horror of the lawn.

    Dandelion Fluff Close Up

  8. This photo can hold different meanings to different people. One might see a picture of industrialization and economic power. Another might see a photograph of pollution filling the air and destroying our environment. Whatever you see, I hope it helps you write your next poem.

    Coal Fired Power Plant Smoke Stack Emissions

  9. Sometimes insects are the most prettiest creatures we see in any given day. This little guy might be that insect.

    Butterfly resting on a Plant

  10. Here's another gorgeous young female to entice the eyes and the hand for writing.

    Beautiful Girl Sunbathing on a Rock

  11. Beautiful apple flowers blooming. A wonderful sight to see.

    Apple Flowers Close Up

  12. This is a photograph of a former slave. It was taken during the 1860s.

    A former slave in the 1860s

  13. The sunrise is said to be one of the world's greatest wonders. This one sits above the Black Sea.

    Sunrise over the Black Sea

  14. This marvelous little guy packs a nasty punch. The hornet sting is more powerful than your typical wasp.

    Hornet wasp close up

  15. This is simply a stunning image of old shoes, definitely worthy of making this list.

    Very Old Shoes

  16. This old bottle probably went through a long and rough life, but is still around to tell us a story through our work.

    Very Old Dusty Bottle

  17. A trapdoor spider made a wonderful view for us to web our ideas into.

    Trapdoor Spider Burrow

  18. The sea is one of my favorite places to go for peaceful thoughts.

    Sea Waves Crash against Rocks

  19. This is a stunning image of deliciousness to help get our mouth hungry for words and our hand ready to pick them.

    Red Grapes Varieties

  20. A fire burning to light our eyes for late night poetry writing.

    Open Fire Trivet

All images are in the Public Domain, so feel free to use them, edit them, and whatever else to create your wonderful work of literature.

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