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The Tempest Summary

The famous comedy, The Tempest, begins when a overwelming storm hits a ship carrying Alonso, the King of Naples, Sebastian (Alonso's brother), Ferdinand (Alonso's son), Antonio, Gonzalo and others.

On an island nearby, Prospero, once the Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda are introduced, learning that Prospero has careted the storm, Miranda asks him to stop it at once.

Prospero's magic fairy, Ariel, tells us of the ship making it ashore as planned. During this time, Caliban, a misformed beast, is introduced.

After aboarding the island, Ariel leads Ferdinand to the beautiful Miranda, leaving them to fall in love. Prospero, who was banished to the island with his daughter by Antonio (Prospero's brother), is afraid of what might become of his daughter's new found love.

As the crew wakes up from the shipwreck, they discover their clothes smelling fresh as though they were newly bought. However, Ariel's song quickly puts them back to sleep, except for Sebastian and Antonio.

Antonio, who replaced his brother as Duke of Milan, manipulates Sebastian to replace King Alonso. The two plan to kill Alonso in his sleep, but Ariel awakens everyone forcing the two men to quickly draw their swords.

Trinculo, a jester, discovers Caliban and believes he could receive a fortune for him and novelty in England. Stephano, Trinculo's friend, then gives Caliban alcohol, causing him to think Stephano is more powerful than Prospero, who Caliban hates. The three men leave to kill Prospero.

Prospero, who's now invisible, watches Ferdinand and Miranda express their deep love for one another. Prospero realizes the true love of the two hearts and approves of Ferdinand for his daughter allowing the two to marry.

With a bottle in hand, Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban continue on their way with Stephano delusional. Ariel lures the three away with music as Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian and Francisco with others witness a banquet on the island, but is an illusion. Ariel returns, scolding Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian for their roles in Prospero's exile.

Prospero tells Ferdinand that he will no longer punish him, instead offers his daughter's hand in marriage to him. Prospero then conjures up a mythical, illusionary party to celbrate, complete with goddesses and nymphs. Prospero then instructs Ariel to bring the shipwrecked men before him.

Caliban fails to keep his friends focused on killing Prospero. Prospero bringins everyone, except Stephano, Caliban and Trinculo, before him in a circle and scolds the men who exiled him. Prospero tells Ariel that he will soon be free and will miss him.

Prospero decides to not keep his ability of magic, and forgives King Alonso and tels Sebastian and Antonio he will keep secret of their plan. The famous scene of Ferdinand and Miranda occurs at this time. King Alonso, overjoyed with seeing Ferdinand, learns of his marriage with Miranda. Prospero forgives Stephano and Trinculo. Caliban learns of embarressment of following a fool, Trinculo, and is given his freedom. Prospero announces that in the morning they will all set sail for naples and sets Ariel free. He then asks the audience to free him and reclaim his life as the Duke of Milan.

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