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My Picture-Gallery by Walt Whitman


"My Picture-Gallery" is a poem written by Walt Whitman. This poem speaks of Whitman's pictures on his wall. He says that the pictures are small, but they are all meaningful. However, he's not exactly sure whether or not he remembers everything about them. He goes on to saying that many of the people in the pictures have died and the pictures are important to him.

This poem is written as one stanza with six lines.


My Picture-Gallery

In a little house keep I pictures suspended, it is not a fix'd house,
It is round, it is only a few inches from one side to the other;
Yet behold, it has room for all the shows of the world, all memories?
Here the tableaus of life, and here the groupings of death;
Here, do you know this? this is cicerone himself,
With finger rais'd he points to the prodigal pictures.

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Literary Movement
19th Century

Life, Memory, Picture, Death, Time

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