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A Grace Before Dinner by Robert Burns


"A Grace Before Dinner" is a poem of prayer written by Robert Burns. This prayer is said before eating dinner. Burns states that he wants God to provide for every creature and make sure that life doesn't get worse for them. He then goes on to say that if God can't do that, then at least make sure every creature is content with their lives.

This poem is written as one stanza with eight lines. The rhyme scheme is ABABABAB (the Amen on the end doesn't necessarily count as part of the rhyme scheme, "content" does.


A Grace Before Dinner

O thou who kindly dost provide
For every creature's want!
We bless Thee, God of Nature wide,
For all Thy goodness lent:
And if it please Thee, Heavenly Guide,
May never worse be sent;
But, whether granted, or denied,
Lord, bless us with content. Amen!

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