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Quotations from True Blood

"True Blood" is a television drama series following the lives of vampires who are co-existing with humans in a small town in northwestern Louisiana. The series centers around a telepathic waitress. The series has won several awards throughout its production. It began airing on September 7, 2008.

Below you'll find quotes from the vampire drama series "True Blood".

Lafayette Reynolds: Jesus and I agree to see other people, but that don't mean we don't talk from time to time.
Detective Andy Bellefleur: [inside the freezer] We are fucked!
Sam Merlotte: We're still alive.
Detective Andy Bellefleur: For now! What we gonna do? We gonna have to kill them all.
Sam Merlotte: Well even if we could, those are our friends and neighbors.
Sam Merlotte: And cousins!
Detective Andy Bellefleur: Right. We can't kill 'em.
Sheriff Bud Dearborne: Come by the station in the morning and I'll give you your badge back.
Detective Andy Bellefleur: Really? I won't let you down Bud. And I am never touching another drink again.
Sheriff Bud Dearborne: This town's a hell of a mess and I'm man enough to know I can't shoulder it myself... You might have your faults Andy but at least you got pants on.
Tara Thornton: I'm so sorry for bringin' all this craziness into your house. I got cuked in 'cause she made me feel like I was part of a family or something.
Sookie Stackhouse: Hey, you have a family. We're family.
Isabel: I know how worried you were about Sookie infiltrating the Fellowship and I thought Hugo could help.
Bill Compton: And why would you want to help us?
Isabel: Because Godric is my sheriff, not yours. It would be criminal to let you take such a risk without my at least offering.
Hugo: I thought you were gonna let me do all the talking.
Sookie Stackhouse: When I get nervous, sometimes I talk too much.
Maryann: Detective Bellefleur, you come dance with me.
Detective Andy Bellefleur: I don't dance.
Maryann: With me, you do. Come on, come on!
Lafayette Reynolds: Make me a vampire.
Eric Northman: I beg your pardon.
Jason: I hate that you been with vampires.
Dawn Green: And how exactly is that any of your business?
Terry Bellefleur: I've known killers and Jason ain't one.
Sookie Stackhouse: Thank you, Terry.
Terry Bellefleur: Nobody ever listens to me, but they should.
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