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Funny Quotations from The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux is an animated adventure comedy film about a mouse, a rat, and a servant girl with cauliflower ears. The storyline follows the lives of a mouse that reads, a rat taht wishes to leave the dungeon, and a bumbling girl as their lives intertwine with the castle's princess. Directed by Sam Fell and Rob Stevenhagen. Starring the voices of Matthew Broderick, Emma Watson, and Dustin Hoffman. Loosely based on the book of the same name by Kate DiCamillo. This is a humorous adventure of revenge, remorse, sincerity, and companionship.

The Tale of Despereaux received mixed reviews upon its release and thus had only moderate success in theaters despite its star power behind the animated creatures. However, the movie has went on to have some success in home video sales. Nonetheless, the film is considered a mixture of good and bad. Luckily, some of the good is the fact it brings some laughs. Continue reading for some hilarious quotes from The Tale of Despereaux

[Teacher shows a picture]
Teacher: You didn't cower?
Despereaux: It looks like a sword.
Teacher: It's a carving knife.
Despereaux: It's beautiful!
Narrator: If you know anything about fairy tales, then you know that a hero doesn't appear until the world really needs one.
Narrator: In fact, you can have a good heart and not even know it.
Narrator: Ok, remember when we said that grief was the strongest thing a person could feel? Well, it isn't. It's forgiveness because a single act of forgiveness can change everything.
Princess Pea: Do you think there's a bit of light somewhere in the world? I think there is you just need to know where to find it.
Princess Pea: Are you a rat?
Despereaux: No!
Princess Pea: Are you a mouse?
Despereaux: I am a gentleman.
Principal: Wouldn't cower, wouldn't cower, wouldn't scurry, oh here's one. Drew pictures of cats on his notebook.
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