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Quotations from The Shining

The Shining is a psychological horror mystery film about a man who is put in charge of taking care of a hotel ski resort during the winter months. The man, Jack, takes his family along with him and hopes he can finally have some peace and quiet in order to work on his novel. However, little did they know that some horrific events took place in the hotel, including brutal murders which are still haunting the hotel. After a while, it consumes the family, especially Jack. He begins drinking heavily and listening to the ghosts. Soon, he turns on his own family. Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd. Based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

The Shining first released with mixed reviews and mixed success at the box office. The movie had a very slow start at at the cinema; however, it went on to make money after the word spread of the film's brilliance. Later on, the reviews picked up as well and the film is now considered one of the best horror movies of all time and one of the best films. Continue reading for some The Shining quotes.

Jack Torrance: Hi, I've got an appointment with Mr. Ullman. My name is Jack Torrance.
Stuart Ullman: When the place was built in 1907, there was very little interest in winter sports. And this site was chosen for its seclusion and scenic beauty.
Jack Torrance: Well, it's certainly got plenty of that, ha, ha.
Stuart Ullman: ...The winters can be fantastically cruel. And the basic idea is to cope with the very costly damage and depreciation which can occur. And this consists mainly of running the boiler, heating different parts of the hotel on a daily, rotating basis, repair damage as it occurs, and doing repairs so that the elements can't get a foothold.
Jack Torrance: Well, that sounds fine to me.
Stuart Ullman: Physically, it's not a very demanding job. The only thing that can get a bit trying up here during the winter is, uh, a tremendous sense of isolation.
Jack Torrance: Well, that just happens to be exactly what I'm looking for. I'm outlining a new writing project and, uh, five months of peace is just what I want.
Stuart Ullman: That's very good Jack, because, uh, for some people, solitude and isolation can, of itself become a problem.
Jack Torrance: Not for me.
Stuart Ullman: How about your wife and son? How do you think they'll take to it? Jack Torrance: They'll love it.
Dick Hallorann: Mrs. Torrance, your husband inroduced you as Winifred. Now, are you a Winnie or a Freddy?
Wendy Torrance: I'm a Wendy.
Dick Hallorann: Oh. That's nice, that's the prettiest.
[Past guests at the Overlook Hotel]
Stuart Ullman: Four presidents, movie stars...
Wendy Torrance: Royalty?
Stuart Ullman: All the best people.
Lloyd: Women. Can't live with them, can't live without them.
Jack Torrance: Words of wisdom, Lloyd, my man. Words of wisdom.
[Jack is trying to kill Wendy]
Jack Torrance: Do you have the slightest idea what a moral and ethical principle is? Do you?
Lloyd: What will you be drinking, sir?
Jack Torrance: Hair of the dog that bit me, Lloyd.
Jack Torrance: [as he chases his son with an ax] Danny, I'm coming!
Danny Torrance: Dad?
Jack Torrance: Yes?
Danny Torrance: Do you like this hotel?
Jack Torrance: Yes. I do. I love it. Don't you?
Danny Torrance: I guess so.
Jack Torrance: Good. I want you to like it here. I wish we could stay here forever... and ever... and ever.
Jack Torrance: The most terrible nightmare I ever had. It's the most horrible dream I ever had.
Wendy Torrance: It's OK, it's OK now. Really.
Jack Torrance: I dreamed that I, that I killed you and Danny. But I didn't just kill ya. I cut you up in little pieces. Oh my God. I must be losing my mind.
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