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Funny Quotations from Soul Men

Soul Men is a musical crime-drama film about two soul-singers who haven't talked to each other in twenty-plus years, but they still agree to do a concert together after the death of the band leader. The film follows the lives of Louis Hinds and Floyd Henderson as they attempt to put away their differences and become a band once again. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Sharon Leal.

Soul Men was Bernie Mac's last appearance before his death in 2008. The film was changed heavily after his and Isaac Hayes' death, making it a more lighthearted and softer film. It was thus a financial failure even though it received mixed reviews. Read some hilarious quotes from the film Soul Men below.

A quote from Soul Men
A movie line from Soul Men

Floyd Henderson: Come on down to Floyd's car wash where everything is done by hand!
[From trailer]
Floyd Henderson: If we do this right, we can get a record deal.
Louis Hinds: I ain't trying to make no come back.
Floyd Henderson: I guess you don't care about the fourty grand.
Louis Hinds: That ain't even enough. I have a life style I'm trying to maintain here.
Floyd Henderson: What kind of life style man? You got a packet full of dog food, I ain't even seen a dog!
Louis Hinds: Dog under the bed! You lucky he ain't attack your ass when you came in!
Louis Hinds: We ain't two old friends out for some Sunday drive so you best not to provoke me.
Floyd Henderson: We're going to be at the appolo this weekend. We ain't be on stage in over 30 years.
Cleo: You're not my father Floyd.
[Floyd and Louis are in the same bed] Louis Hinds: Goodnight! [Turns off the light]
Louis Hinds: [Wakes up real quick] Oh hey, what's that! You've been taken those pills again?
Floyd Henderson: I thought it was my cholesterol medicine, I sweare I did.
Louis Hinds: I can't be spoonen with that! What's wrong with you?
Louis Hinds: [opens the door for Floyd to leave] Get the fuck out.
Floyd Henderson: Well, I guess you don't give a fuck about the money then, huh?
Louis Hinds: What money? It's a funeral! Don't nobody get paid to sing at no damn funeral!
[suddenly looks at Louis and raises his eyebrows]
Louis Hinds: How much?
Floyd Henderson: Forty grand.
Louis Hinds: [closes the door] Apiece?
Floyd Henderson: No, down the middle.
Louis Hinds: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO. That ain't even enough.
Floyd Henderson: The fuck you mean "that's not enough", man?
Louis Hinds: I got a lifestyle to maintain here!
Floyd Henderson: What kinda lifestyle, man? You filthy motherfucker! You got a pantry full of dogfood, but I don't see no dog!
Louis Hinds: Dog under the bed, Nigga! You lucky he ain't attacked your ass when you came in!
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