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Quotations from Shane

Shane is a western drama film that follows the life of a gunslinger as he attempts to settle down and with a homestead family, but he is forced into a conflict and forced to act. The film follows the life of Shane, a gunslinger who is hired on as a farmhand by a homesteader. After some confrontations in town, he forces his boss and himself into a fight and back to his old ways. Directed by George stevens. Starring Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur, and Van Heflin.

Shane is considered as one of the best western movies ever made. The film won the Best Cinematography, Color Oscar award and was nominated for four others, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Brandon De Wilde and Jack Palance). Read some of the quotes below from Shane and find out what the movie is all about.

Joey: Somebody's comin', Pa!
Joe Starrett: Well, let him come.
Shane: A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.
Shane: That was an elegant dinner, Mrs. Starrett.
Shane: There's no living with a killing. There's no goin' back from one. Right or wrong, it's a brand... a brand sticks. There's no goin' back. Now you run on home to your mother and tell her... tell her everything's alright. And there aren't any more guns in the valley.
Shane: You speaking to me?
Chris Calloway: I don't see nobody else standing there.
Shane: Do you mind putting down that gun? Then I'll leave.
Joe Starrett: What difference does it make, you're leaving anyway?
Shane: I'd like it to be my idea.
Shane: You were watchin' me down it for quite a spell, weren't you?
Joey: Yes I was.
Shane: You know, I... I like a man who watches things go on around. It means he'll make his mark someday.
Joey: I just love Shane!
Joey: Was that him? Was that Wilson?
Shane: That was him. That was Wilson, all right, and he was fast, fast on the draw.
Joey: Shane! Come back!
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