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Funny Quotations from Madea Goes to Jail

Madea Goes to Jail is a comedy-drama film about Mable "Madea" Summers as she goes to prison, but is soon released due to the police officers not reading her miranda rights. She is then forced into anger management problems by the judge. Directed by Tyler Perry. Starring Tyler Perry, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Derk Luke, and Robin Coleman. Based on the play of the same name by Tyler Perry.

Madea Goes to Jail is a humorous film where Tyler Perry plays an old woman. Read some funny quotes from the movie below.

Madea: Yeah, this is me. Whatcha goin to do? Come on!
Madea: I say if you come up to me, I'll cut it... Yeah that's what I did, I cut it.
Madea: Did you see Basic Instinct? [crosses legs] Well this ain't that type of movie.
Madea: Did I ever ask you for some me time? What the hell is me time?
Madea: Hell to the yeah!
Madea: I'm Madea! Ma to the damn D-E-A!
Dr. Phil: What is wrong with you? Why do you feel the need that you gotta "get" somebody all the time?
Madea: Well when you gettin' "got" and somebody done "got" you and you go "get" them, when you get 'em everybody's gon' get got.
Dr. Phil: Yea but you're gettin' the gotters when they didn't do anything to even get you.
Madea: Yea but if the gotters get me I'm gonna get my glock.
Madea: Cora do me a favor.
Cora: What?
Madea: Put the shut, to the up. Okay? Shut to the up.
Madea: [about how sweet T.T. is] What're you in here for, stealing flowers? What'd you do, steal candy from the girl scouts?
T.T.: I murdered 18 men.
T.T.: [pulls out a box of brownies] TADA! Brownies for my brownie! I made them myself.
Madea: Yeah, what do you mean "brownies for my brownie"? You trying to call me black or somethin'?
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