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Funny Quotations from Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost is a science-fiction adventure comedy film about a paleontologist who lost respect in his career due to a viral video. The film starts by showing Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) teaching his class while one of his students tells him that his theories on time warps inspires her and she convinces him to finish his tachyon amplifier and go with her on an expedition. Of course, not everything goes as planned. Directed by Brad Silberling. Starring Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, and Anna Friel. Based on the television series of the same name.

Land of the Lost, like most Will Ferrell films, is a hilarious and thrilling movie full of everything you'd want out of a comedy. Read some fantastic and hilarious quotes from the film below.

Astronaut: Mission Control, come in. Mission Control, do you read?
[Rick Marshall on the Today Show talking about his new scientific discovery]
Park Ranger Rick Marshall: It boils down to two simple words.
Matt Lauer: Renewable biofuels.
Park Ranger Rick Marshall: Close. Time warps.
Park Ranger Rick Marshall: [after realizing he was right all along] Matt Lauer can suck it!
Dr. Rick Marshall: Thank God for that. That one was peering into my soul.
Enik: Thank Vinok you've come to my aid, Rick Marshall.
Dr. Rick Marshall: You know me?
Enik: Of course. Even in the farthest reaches of the universe, we have seen your Matt Lauer video.
Dr. Rick Marshall: Captain Kirk's nipples!
Dr. Rick Marshall: If you don't make it, it's your own damn "vault." That's a bitch slap of truth right there.
Dr. Rick Marshall: I wrestled at Perdue. "Perdue" should be Purdue if Will Ferrell is talking about the university.
Enik: J.V.
Ernie: Hey! Where's Will?
Dr. Rick Marshall: He went to a better place.
Ernie: You killed him?
Dr. Rick Marshall: No.
Holly Cantrell: What are you eating?
Dr. Rick Marshall: It's a donut stuffed with M&Ms. That way, when you've finished the donut, you don't have to eat any M&Ms.
Dr. Rick Marshall: Well done. You just gave murderous primatives the power of fire!
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