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Funny Quotations from Happy-Go-Lucky

Happy-Go-Lucky is a British comedy-drama about a primary-school teacher and her relationship with everyone surrounding her everyday lfe. She is an optimistic and cheerful person, even though things don't always go her way. The film opens with her trying to have a conversation while being ignored, and then finding out that her bicycle was stolen. Nonetheless, she stays upbeat and possitive, but decides to learn how to drive a car. Directed by Mike Leigh. Starring Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan, and Alexis Zegerman.

Happy-Go-Lucky received many great reviews from critics around the world. The movie even won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar award. Despite this, the movie was not much of a success in theaters. Read some humorous quotes from the movie below.

Poppy: You keep on rowin', and I'll keep on smilin'.
Poppy: Do penguins emigrate?
Zoe: What - do they move to the Costa del Sol?
Zoe: You can't make everyone happy.
Poppy: There's no harm in trying that Zoe, is there?
Poppy: It was in a Cadillac. Miami. Bunny-hopped down the beach. I was a bit pissed. It was hilarious.
Poppy: Oh! What-chu-ma-call-it ding dang dilly dilly da da hoo hoo!
Ezra: [starts to massage Poppy's back] Tell me when it hurts.
Poppy: I'll text you.
Scott: Bear with me.
Poppy: Is there? Where is he?
Scott: Cheapness is Good.
Scott: What am I supposed to call you?
Poppy: Oh how 'bout, Poppy?
Scott: Poppy?
Poppy: Yeah. No, whatever turns you on Scott, I don't mind.
Scott: Keep to the left of the center of the road.
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