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Funny Quotations from Duck Soup

Duck Soup is a comedy musical film about a man who is named president and dictator of a bankrupt Freedonia nation-state. The President decides to declare war against one of the neighboring countries due to his love of a wealthy woman. This film is seen as the Marx Brothers most best and most famous movie. Directed by Leo McCarey. Starring Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, and Chico Marx.

Duck Soup is a fantastic film and great for the entire family. Read some quotes from this 1933 film below.

Rufus T. Firefly: I danced before Napoleon. No, Napoleon danced before me. As a matter of fact, he danced 200 years before me.
First Judge: That sort of testimony we can eliminate.
Chicolini: Atsa fine. I'll take some.
First Judge: You'll take what?
Chicolini: Eliminate. A nice, cold glass eliminate.
Mrs. Teasdale: Oh, your Excellency!
Rufus T. Firefly: You're not so bad yourself.
Vera Marcal: If you're found, you're lost!
Chicolini: Oh, you crazy. How can I be lost if I'm found?
Freedonia's Secretary of War: How about taking up the tax?
Rufus T. Firefly: How 'bout taking up the carpet?
Freedonia's Secretary of War: I still insist we must take up the tax.
Rufus T. Firefly: He's right, you've gotta take up the tacks before you can take up the carpet.
Mrs. Teasdale: Your Excellency, I thought you'd left!
Chicolini: Oh no, I no leave.
Mrs. Teasdale: But I saw you with my own eyes!
Chicolini: Well, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?
Ambassador Trentino: Have we met each other before, sir?
Rufus T. Firefly: I don't think so. In fact, I'm not sure I'm seeing you now; it must be something I ate.
Rufus T. Firefly: Chicolini, give me a number from one to ten.
Chicolini: Eleven.
Rufus T. Firefly: Right.
Rufus T. Firefly: Take a letter.
Bob Roland: Who to?
Rufus T. Firefly: To my dentist.
[Roland writes out the following]
Rufus T. Firefly: Uh... Dear dentist, enclosed find check for $500, yours very truly. Send that off immediately.
Bob Roland: I'll, um, I'll have to enclose a check first.
Rufus T. Firefly: You do and I'll fire you.
Rufus T. Firefly: Chicolini, I need you badly right now. What'll you take to come back and work for me again?
Chicolini: I'll take a vacation.
Rufus T. Firefly: Good, you're hired.
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