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Quotations from Chariots of Fire

Chariots of Fire is a historical drama film about the 1924 Olympic Games. It follows the lives of two British track atheletes who happen to be a Jewish student at Cambridge that runs for fame and escaping prejudice while the other is a devout Scottish missionary who runs for God. This movie is directed by Hugh Hudson. Starring Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, and Nicholas Farrell.

Read some of the many great quotes from the film Chariots of Fire below.

Lord Birkenhead: Liddell, he is your future king, are you refusing to shake his hand? Does your arrogance extend that far?
Eric Liddell: My arrogance, sir, extends just as far as my conscience demands.
Lord Birkenhead: Fine, then let's hope that is wise enough to give you room to maneuver.
Eric Liddell: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.
Lord Cadogan: Don't be impertinent, Liddell!
Eric Liddell: The impertinence lies, sir, with those who seek to influence a man to deny his beliefs!
Harold M. Abrahams: If I can't win, I won't run!
Sybil Gordon: If you don't run, you can't win.
Eric Liddell: God made countries, God makes kings, and the rules by which they govern. And those rules say that the Sabbath is His. And I for one intend to keep it that way.
Sam Mussabini: Eric Liddell? He's no real problem...
Harold M. Abrahams: [Eric has already beaten Harold once] You could have fooled me.
Sam Mussabini: Yeah, he's fast! But he won't go any faster. He's a gut runner, digs deep! But a short sprint is run on nerves. It's tailor-made for neurotics.
Lord Cadogan: That's a matter for the committee! Lord Birkenhead: We *are* the committee.
Harold M. Abrahams: Aubrey, I've known the fear of losing but now I am almost too frightened to win.
Sybil Gordon: [about running] Do you love it?
Harold M. Abrahams: I'm more of an addict. It's a compulsion with me, a weapon I can use. Sybil Gordon: Against what?
Harold M. Abrahams: Being Jewish I suppose.
Sybil Gordon: [laughs incredulously] You're not serious! People aren't like that, people don't care. Can it be as bad as all that?
Harold M. Abrahams: You're not Jewish, or you wouldn't have had to ask.
Lord Birkenhead: Ah, Liddell! I was afraid you weren't here.
Eric Liddell: I'm afraid I am, sir.
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