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Three Texas Steers Quotes

Three Texas Steers is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Three Texas Steers ended its run in 1970.

It features William A. Berke as producer, William Lava in charge of musical score, and Ernest Miller (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Three Texas Steers is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Three Texas Steers is 56 minutes long. Three Texas Steers is distributed by Republic Pictures.

The cast includes: Lew Kelly as Postman, Carole Landis as Nancy Evans, Collette Lyons as Lillian, Ted Adams as Henchman Steve, Ralph Graves as George Ward, Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith, John Wayne as Stony Brooke, Max Terhune as Lullaby Joslin, and David Sharpe as Tony.

Three Texas Steers Quotes

Collette Lyons as Lillian

  • (Collette Lyons) "Get out of there, you upholstered nitwit."
  • (Collette Lyons) "Don't pull the trigger; you'll wind up in South Dakota."
  • (John Wayne) "Give us a break, Desperate Desmond."
  • (Collette Lyons) "Hey. What are you doin' gangin' up on me? One baboon at a time."
  • (Unnamed) "Can't a guy change his mind, Lil?"
  • (Collette Lyons) "Yeah, providin' he's got a mind to start with. Besides I ain't playin' cards with a man who has a moth-eaten monkey for partner."

David Sharpe as Tony

Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith

  • (Ray Corrigan) "Be careful, guys. Don't over eat."
  • (Max Terhune) "I had more trouble catchin' those sardines than I've had ropin' a calf."
  • (Ray Corrigan) "I wish you had roped a calf."
  • (Ray Corrigan) "Well, we're nearly home, boys."
  • (John Wayne) "The 3-M will look mighty good after that set-to in Santa Fe."
  • (Max Terhune) "Don't forget, we've been away for three months. Most likely, we'll have to dig it out from under the dust."
  • (Ray Corrigan) "That is, if the moths have left us anything to dig out."
  • (Ray Corrigan) "Maybe we should go in and sort of tidy up the room."
  • (John Wayne) "Funny, that's just what I was thinkin'."
  • (Ray Corrigan) "Well, that Nancy sure is a swell girl. I reckon we oughta take in her circus sometime."
  • (John Wayne) "Tucson, I think you've got something there."
  • (Max Terhune) "Nancy. Nancy. You forgot somethin'."

John Wayne as Stony Brooke

Ted Adams as Henchman Steve

  • (Ted Adams) "Well, this is just great. We wreck the circus to make her sell the ranch and now she's going to live on it."
  • (Ralph Graves) "No she's not."
  • (Ted Adams) "Well, what are you going to do?"
  • (Ralph Graves) "We'll be in Mesquite ahead of the young lady with a reception committee."

Max Terhune as Lullaby Joslin

Lew Kelly as Postman

  • (Lew Kelly) "Are you Nancy Evans?"
  • (Carole Landis) "Yes."
  • (Lew Kelly) "You seem kinda young to be boss of a circus."
  • (Carole Landis) "I'll soon get over that."
  • (Collette Lyons) "She's thinking of growing a beard to give her dignity."

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