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The Tenderfoot (film) Quotes

The Tenderfoot (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Tenderfoot ended its run in 1970.

It features Bryan Foy as producer, and Gregg Toland as head of cinematography.

The Tenderfoot (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Tenderfoot (film) is 70 minutes long. The Tenderfoot (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Joe E. Brown as Calvin Jones, Lew Cody as Joe Lehman, George Chandler as Depot Bum, Robert Greig as Mack, Ginger Rogers as Ruth Weston, Spencer Charters as Oscar, and Vivien Oakland as Miss Martin.

The Tenderfoot (film) Quotes

Joe E. Brown as Calvin Jones

  • (Joe E. Brown) "Ejaculations."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "What's this; borscht?"
  • (Lew Cody) "Borscht? That's nothing but beet soup."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Yeah? Kind of a highfalutin name for just ordinary, common, home-grown, beets, ain't it?"
  • (Lew Cody) "This is Broadway, you know. Everything isn't what it seems."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Yes sir, I can see that. Guess I gotta, kinda, watch my step along this lighted cowpath."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "You shouldn't oughta talk to me like that. I'm a very touchy fella."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Hallucinations, to ya."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "I guess you heard me talkin' to myself. It's an old, it's an old cowboy habit. We, we always do that when we're ridin' the range; alone. Makes it much more interesting, 'cause we never know what answer we're gonna give ourselves."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Well, it's the truth, Miss Ruth. Honest, it is."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "I tell ya, friend, there's nothing like the smell of a good horse."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "If an apple a day, keeps a doctor away; what'll a banana do?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "There's a cab waitin' at the curb. Go downstairs and get into it."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Calvin, hadn't you better come with me?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Don't you worry none about me, honey. I'll be along in a minute. I got some business with these tarantulas."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "They may be cowboys; but, they ain't from Texas."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "That's a yell I use on Longhorns. Got one I use on hogs, too. Wanna' hear it?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Guess you're a native alright. Can't understand a word you said."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "I heard what you said in there, just now, Ruth; about bein' paid to be nice to me."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Well, what if you did? If you didn't know 'til now, it's high time you woke up and found out."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "You sure played your part good. Gosh, you got me just; goofy about ya."

Spencer Charters as Oscar

  • (Spencer Charters) "You show people, you make a fella feel right at home. And are they having fun. Great business, show business."

Lew Cody as Joe Lehman

  • (Lew Cody) "Just in from Oklahoma, eh?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Texas."
  • (Lew Cody) "Oh, I mean, Texas. Great state, Mack, Texas. Great people. Great climate. Oh, by the way, have you met my partner, Mr. McClure?"
  • (Robert Greig) "Why how are you Mr.; ?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Jones. Calvin Jones."
  • (Lew Cody) "Oh, you know what a hole I'm in."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Well, I certainly know what a hole I'm in."
  • (Lew Cody) "Well, sweetheart, how'd you like the show?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Oh, you mean me? Oh, say the show was a rip snorter. And women; whoopie."

Ginger Rogers as Ruth Weston

  • (Ginger Rogers) "They got you roped and hogtied and you're afraid to talk back."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "What a minute, Sam, you're not going to get away with that. You think you can take his dough and kick him off, you're all wet."
  • (Lew Cody) "Who do you think you're talking to?"
  • (Ginger Rogers) "To you, wise guy. You hooked him with a lot of phony talk, sold him the idea to put all his money in a turkey show."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "You better be thinking up a good excuse in case your lady friend, Miss Martin, should arrive while he's here."
  • (Lew Cody) "Don't tell me that dame's comin' here?"
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Absolutely; and she's bringin' 141 pounds of temperament with her."
  • (Lew Cody) "You stall her off, will ya? Tell her she's gettin' thin or anything else; but, don't let her come into the office."

Robert Greig as Mack

  • (Robert Greig) "Say, are those things loaded?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Right to the hilt."
  • (Lew Cody) "You carry 'em around loose like that?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Say, I sleep with 'em."
  • (Robert Greig) "Kind of dangerous, ain't it?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Only for the man that I'm shootin' at, ha ha."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "I'm the best shot in Rawhide County, Texas. I can core a plum at 200 paces without even wrinkling the skin."

Vivien Oakland as Miss Martin

  • (Vivien Oakland) "Is this what I'm asked to give a performance in?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Well, what's the matter with it?"
  • (Vivien Oakland) "What's the matter with it? He asks me what's the matter with it. It's impossible. My following, they'll think I'm insane. I look like a horse."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Not when you're standing up, you don't."

George Chandler as Depot Bum

  • (George Chandler) "Say, buddy, could ya spare a dime for a poor guy to get somethin' to eat?"
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Are ya hungry?"
  • (George Chandler) "Pal, I'm starving."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Well, I'll be doggone. Come on and I'll buy ya a meal."
  • (George Chandler) "Oh, I'm sorry, boss; but, right now, I can't leave my stand."
  • (Joe E. Brown) "Oh, okay, well let me know when you're gonna have a day off."

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