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The Fighting Irish Quotes

The Fighting Irish is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Fighting Irish stopped airing in 1970.

The Fighting Irish Quotes

  • (Liz Lemon) "Well, well, other Liz, played saxophone in the marching band at Rutgers?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "Kept that a secret from your employer, didn't you?"
  • (Pete Hornberger) "Remember that little secret I told you about Hornberger family planning?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "You mean that you flat-out lied about getting a vasectomy? Don't tell me that backfired."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "Hey, Jack's brother: What religion are you? This one sounds really expensive and gay."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "Oh, well, uh, I'm Irish Catholic. Now, I know there's been a lot of controversy around the church lately, ya know, because of The Da Vinci Code, but what's great is you can do anything; anything; and as long as you go to confession, it's forgiven."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "I'm Irish Catholic."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "Hey, did you hear the good news, J.D.? I'm Irish Catholic now, like you, Regis, and the Pope."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Oh, ho ho, no you're not. The church already has enough lawsuits."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "See, I can screw up now, and then just go to confession. No longer do I have to throw my parties in international waters."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "That's not how it works, Tracy. Even though there is the whole confession thing, that's no free pass, because there is a crushing guilt that comes with being a Catholic. Whether things are good or bad or you're simply -- eating tacos in the park, there is always the crushing guilt."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "I don't think I want that. I'm out."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Somehow, I feel oddly guilty about that."
  • (Cerie) "Oh, Liz? Did you put your check in already?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "Oh, no."
  • (Liz Lemon) "What do I make it out to; "Chicago All-Saints Hospital"?"
  • (Cerie) "Eddie just said to write the initials on the check."
  • (Liz Lemon) "C-A-S-H -- Son of a bitch."
  • (Cerie) "Eddie already took the other box."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "Hey, Liz Lemon: Do you know where I could find a good church?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "How good? Like, Judaism-good, or just, like, Unitarian?"
  • (Tracy Jordan) "So, what's your religion, Liz Lemon?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "Hmm, I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Can I help you?"
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "Yeah, sweetheart: I'm looking for Jack Donaghy."
  • (Liz Lemon) "And you are?"
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "Eddie Donaghy; Jack's brother."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Really? 'Cause Jack never mentioned a brother, and his name is "Donagee," not "Donahee.""
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "You know, you could be pretty if you didn't scowl so much."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Tracy, this is Jack's brother, Eddie."
  • (Pete Hornberger) "Hey, Liz. Hey. You can't fire the other Liz unless she's in the bottom ten percent."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Uh, you can just tell she is, by her stupid face."
  • (Pete Hornberger) "You're a better person than this."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Jack has given me absolute power. I am the decider."
  • (Pete Hornberger) "Okay, you can't just do this."
  • (Liz Lemon) "I'm not gonna just do anything. I have a plan. Step one: befriend the enemy and gather information. Then, use the information to drive her into the bottom ten percent."
  • (Pete Hornberger) "Good lord. Your eyes; you look like that lady astronaut who tried to kidnap that other woman."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Hey, that was a lady with a plan. Diapers, Mace, Houston to Orlando in nine hours; blam-o."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Lemon, come here; you've got to see this. It's a video of a baby panda sneezing. Sit here."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Don't watch the mother; just watch the baby."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Oh, that is the cutest thing I've ever seen."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Isn't that adorable? You have to fire ten percent of your staff."
  • (Tracy Jordan) "My attorney told me I should join a church preemptively, 'cause juries are suspicious of celebrities who find religion after getting into trouble."
  • (Liz Lemon) "I want you -- to punch your sister in the face."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "Wow. I bet Pop's lookin' down right now and saying, "If I could come back and do any broad, it'd be that one right there.""
  • (Liz Lemon) "Ew."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Ten percent? I can't fire any of these people."
  • (Pete Hornberger) "Who cares? Getting fired is better than getting killed by my wife, with those big farm-people hands crushing my windpipe."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Everything okay at home, buddy?"
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "Hey, Jack, you mind if I take a few grapes for dinner later?"
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Why don't you just take the money?"
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "No. If you wanna give money to someone, you give it to those nurses who took care of Dad at Chicago All-Saints Hospital. They never once said anything about the racist stuff, towards the end."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "You have to fire ten percent of your staff."
  • (Liz Lemon) "What?"
  • (Jack Donaghy) "We have to synergize backward overflow."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "I got a real job now: I talk homeless people into joining the army."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Isn't there anything that you want?"
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "One thing: I'd like my brother back. Look, I know I've been nothing but trouble to you your entire life. Juvie, Jonestown, that time I punched Goofy -- Hell, I even blinded you with a bottle rocket."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Ah, that was for a couple of lousy months; big deal. I had sex with your prom date."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "I stole your identity."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "I threw you out of a window."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "I convinced you you had lupus."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "I microwaved your parakeet."
  • (Eddie Donaghy) "I hated that bird."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "We had some great times, didn't we?"
  • (Floyd) "Hey, sorry about that. Not super-appropriate in the workplace."
  • (Liz Lemon) "No -- It's only inappropriate when it's ugly people."
  • (Jenna Maroney) "What class do you wanna take?"
  • (Liz Lemon) "Uh, anything that doesn't have the word "strip," "salsa," or "beats" with a "z" in the name of it."
  • (Jenna Maroney) "Cardio Hip-Hop Groove it is, then."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Oh, I had to re-hire that Liz Lemler that you fired."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Okay."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "And I didn't want any more trouble with her, so I had to give her a promotion, too."
  • (Liz Lemon) "Fantastic."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "It's an amazing opportunity for her, out at -- corporate headquarters."
  • (Liz Lemon) "In Connecticut? She's transferred to Connecticut?"
  • (Jack Donaghy) "Yes. That's right. It seems that things are lining up once again for old Liz Lemon."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "And you say --"
  • (Liz Lemon) "Thank you, Jack."
  • (Jack Donaghy) "You're welcome."

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