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The Emperor's Club Quotes

The Emperor's Club is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Emperor's Club ended in 1970.

It features Marc Abraham as producer, James Newton Howard in charge of musical score, and Lajos Koltai as head of cinematography.

The Emperor's Club is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Emperor's Club is 109 minutes long. The Emperor's Club is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Kevin Kline as William Hundert, Paul Dano as Martin Blythe, Jesse Eisenberg as Louis Masoudi, Rishi Mehta as Deepak Mehta, Emile Hirsch as Sedgewick Bell, Gabriel Millman as Robert Brewster, and Embeth Davidtz as Elizabeth.

The Emperor's Club Quotes

Emile Hirsch as Sedgewick Bell

  • (Emile Hirsch) "They should've killed Marc Antony, I mean -- Brutus is a pussy."
  • (Senator Bell) "Let me ask you something, do you know what is causing me to send you to this place?"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "What's wrong?"
  • (Senator Bell) "Shut up. My time is precious son. I thought I made that clear. I got better things to do than clean up after you, do you understand me?"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I understand."
  • (Senator Bell) "Don't forget it."

Kevin Kline as William Hundert

  • (Kevin Kline) "The waters in which we found ourselves swimming, were precisely as lovely as those we had earlier only imagined. But if time had made concessions for love, it made none for death."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I'm a teacher, Sedgewick. And I failed you; as a teacher. But I will give you one last lecture, if I may. All of us, at some point, are forced to look at ourselves in the mirror, and see who we really are. And when that day comes for you, Sedgewick, you will be confronted with a life lived without virtue, without principle. And for that I pity you. End of lesson."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Well, can I say, Mr. Hundert, who gives a shit? Honestly. Who out there gives a shit."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Excuse me?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Huh? What me?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Yes, sir. What is your name?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Uh, Louis."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Just Louis?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Louis Masoudi, sir."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Mr. Masoudi, could you define the word "path" for me?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Well, there are several definitions, I suppose."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Would "a route along which someone or something moves" be among them?"
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yeah. Oh, yeah. No. Yeah. I'm s-sorry, sir."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Follow the path, Mr. Masoudi. Walk where the great men before you have walked."
  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "Yes, sir. It's, uh; It's better for the grass."
  • (Kevin Kline) "It's better for you."
  • (Kevin Kline) "The worth of a life is not determined by a single failure or a solitary success."
  • (Valet) "Is everything okay, sir?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Fine, thank you. Here."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Let me, uh --"
  • (Valet) "That's not necessary, sir."
  • (Kevin Kline) "As I've gotten older, I realize I'm certain of only two things. Days that begin with rowing on a lake are better than days that do not. Second, a man's character is his fate. And as a student of history, I find this hard to refute. For most of us our stories can be written long before we die. There are exceptions among the great men of history, but they are rare, and I am not one of them. I am a teacher; simply that. I taught for 34 years. One day I stopped teaching. Those were the facts of my life's chronicle. The last chapter had been written. My book was closed."
  • (Kevin Kline) "However much we stumble, it is a teacher's burden always to hope, that with learning, a boy's character might be changed. And, so, the destiny of a man."
  • (Kevin Kline) "You passed."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "It's only a C-."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well, you know what they say about Rome."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "It wasn't built in a day?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "No. All roads lead to it."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Well -- Senator -- The Greeks and the Romans provided a model of democracy, which I don't need to tell you, the framers of our own constitution, used as their inspiration. But more to the point I would think when the boys read Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Julius Caesar even, they're put in direct contact with men, who in their own age, exemplified the highest standards of statesmanship, of civic virtue, character, conviction."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Why, Sedgewick? You knew the material."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Why not?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Tyranny is what we have in this classroom. It works."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Great ambition and conquest without contribution is without significance. What will your contribution be? How will history remember you?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Can you, please, name any of the subsequent emperor's whom we've been discussing? There were 41."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "I only know 7."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Very well --"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey --"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Seriously though, can you in fact name any of the emperors?"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "I know 4."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Very well."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "John, Paul, Ringo"
  • (Emile Hirsch) "and George."
  • (Kevin Kline) "I spoke to your father."
  • (Emile Hirsch) "I know. We had a real -- heart-to-heart."
  • (Kevin Kline) "This is for you."
  • (Kevin Kline) "Forgive the condition. It was my textbook in high school. It's quite good. The first chapter has an outline of all the material which we'll be covering this term. I thought it might be helpful in preparing for the Mr. Julius Caesar contest. The first quiz is tomorrow morning. Look at chapter 3; - "The Foundation of the Republic." Sedgwick, I'm lending you this book because I believe in you. I think you could be at the top of your class if you wanted to be. It's entirely up to you."
  • (Kevin Kline) "And with the monarchy's demise, two new systems of government; the first, ruled by the few, known as? Mr. Brewster."
  • (Gabriel Millman) "Uh, tyranny?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "In spirit, perhaps, but etymologically, no. More precisely, oligarchy. Tyranny is what we have in this classroom. And it works."

Paul Dano as Martin Blythe

  • (Paul Dano) "I am Shutruk Nahunte, King of Anshand and Sussa, Sovereign of the land of Elam. I destroyed Sippar, took the stele of Niran-Sin, and brought it back to Elam, where I erected it as an offering to my god. Shutruk Nahunte; 1158 B.C."

Jesse Eisenberg as Louis Masoudi

  • (Jesse Eisenberg) "I am such an asshole."

Rishi Mehta as Deepak Mehta

  • (Rishi Mehta) "Not to know what happened before you were born is to be forever a child."

Embeth Davidtz as Elizabeth

  • (Embeth Davidtz) "How is Mr. Julius Caesar going?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Very; Very well. Even, uh, Sedgwick Bell."
  • (Embeth Davidtz) "Making progress?"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Oh, more than progress. He's-He's come out of the darkness into the light. It's- --"
  • (Kevin Kline) "Cheers."

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