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The Age of Innocence (1934 film) Quotes

The Age of Innocence (1934 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . The Age of Innocence ended in 1970.

It features Pandro S. Berman as producer, Max Steiner (uncredited) in charge of musical score, and James Van Trees as head of cinematography.

The Age of Innocence (1934 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Age of Innocence (1934 film) is 81 minutes long. The Age of Innocence (1934 film) is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Julie Haydon as May Welland, Helen Westley as Granny Manson Mingott, John Boles as Newland Archer, Julie Haydon as Mr. Welland, Julie Haydon as Mrs. Welland, Lionel Atwill as Julius Beaufort, and Irene Dunne as Ellen.

The Age of Innocence (1934 film) Quotes

Lionel Atwill as Julius Beaufort

John Boles as Newland Archer

  • (John Boles) "Ellen, we'll go away. Away from everything. To some place where people can be free."
  • (Irene Dunne) "Where is that place? Has anyone ever been there? Because, I know so many who have tried to find it. And, believe me, they all got out by mistake, at some wayside station, like, Dieppe or Pisa or Monte Carlo. It wasn't at all different from the old world they'd left. Only, smaller and dingier and more promiscuous. You see, over there we think it's over here. And over here we think it's over there. But, now I know, it isn't anywhere. My eyes are open. I think they'll always be open now. Isn't there some sort of Chinese torture like that? Where they fasten your eyelids back so your never again in blessed darkness?"
  • (John Boles) "But, don't you see we can't go on like this? Together, not together. In reach, out of reach."
  • (John Boles) "Why are you crying?"
  • (Irene Dunne) "Don't you remember a moment ago, in the conservatory, when our hands touched a little plant?"
  • (John Boles) "There never was a moment ago."
  • (Irene Dunne) "It seemed to; wither. Oh, darling, don't you see, sometimes life can touch us and we die."
  • (John Boles) "But, this is the first moment we've ever lived."
  • (John Boles) "Ellen, can't we sit here just for a few minutes longer. It's been a hundred years since we talked together."
  • (Irene Dunne) "Granny had a letter from May in Paris. I pictured you there with the chestnuts all in bloom along the avenue, the roll of the river, under the beautiful bridges. Life is very rich there, isn't it? And didn't you find that there's nothing like a good glimpse of other roofs and other streets."
  • (John Boles) "I was thinking only of your roof. The little house on 23rd Street. Imagining you there."
  • (John Boles) "You are beginning to open my eyes to a lot of things. Things I've looked at so long, I've never even seen. Ellen --"
  • (Irene Dunne) "Sit here."
  • (John Boles) "I've come to tell you I've changed my mind. You've made me see things differently. I think you've a right to your freedom and I want to help you to get it."
  • (Irene Dunne) "But, all the things you said about; not hurting the family?"
  • (John Boles) "It's your life, your happiness. You've a right to decide these things for yourself. Bravely, honestly."
  • (Irene Dunne) "Have I?"
  • (John Boles) "Yes. Over here, we're afraid to face fights. When we say dignity, we mean fear of what others will say. When we say good taste, we mean glossing over their truth. When we say decency, we mean hypocrisy."
  • (John Boles) "We're so busy protecting women's honors, that we don't care what becomes of the women."
  • (John Boles) "What's this I hear about you having an affair of the heart? I thought I was the only one who could make it flutter?"
  • (Helen Westley) "Well, when a girl of my age will eat chicken salad at night, what can you expect?"
  • (John Boles) "It was later in the year than this. I remember, there was snow on the ground --"

Julie Haydon as May Welland

  • (Julie Haydon) "Oh, I hope you don't think my parents were as lax as we are today. We were brought up to think too much familiarity during the engagement took the bloom off things."
  • (Julie Haydon) "Do you think your mother --"
  • (John Boles) "I'll talk to mother. She'll understand."
  • (Julie Haydon) "We shouldn't like her to think that even though the Countess is our relative, that we condone a woman who has exposed herself by unconventional actions to offensive insinuation."
  • (Julie Haydon) "Couldn't you drop her a little hint?"
  • (Helen Westley) "Hint? I told her in the plainest terms."
  • (Julie Haydon) "What his reputation was?"
  • (Helen Westley) "I told her he didn't have much reputation. I told her no nice woman would be seen walking up Fifth Avenue in broad daylight with Julius Beaufort. And what do you think she said?"
  • (Helen Westley) "She said, darling, would you rather I walk with him at night?"
  • (Julie Haydon) "It seems that over there, they're views are somewhat different from ours. And, eh, marriage doesn't seem to hold the same sacred responsibilities."
  • (Julie Haydon) "The truth is, poor Ellen, has left her husband. And, there's talk of a scandal. Oh, I don't know any of the details. I only ask not to."
  • (Julie Haydon) "The way engaged young couples act today makes one wonder if there's anything left for the honeymoon."

Irene Dunne as Ellen

  • (Irene Dunne) "I'm asking him to get me a divorce."
  • (Julie Haydon) "Ellen. El-Ellen."
  • (Julie Haydon) "Father, you better take one of your powders."
  • (Julie Haydon) "Yes, dear. Yes. dear."
  • (Irene Dunne) "I never drink between meals; that is, tea."
  • (Irene Dunne) "You can't refuse this time, can you?"
  • (John Boles) "I shall say not."
  • (Irene Dunne) "What difference does it make where one lives?"
  • (Julie Haydon) "That's just it, my dear. It makes all the difference."
  • (Irene Dunne) "I want my freedom, Newland. I can't; pretend."
  • (John Boles) "Pretend?"
  • (Irene Dunne) "Yes. That I'm like the other women over here. They never seem to feel any; need."
  • (John Boles) "Need?"
  • (Irene Dunne) "Yes, don't you see? I'm not mincing words. You mustn't expect me to. I'm one of those women; who must have love. Who must be loved. You don't think I'm horrible to say these things, do you?"
  • (John Boles) "No. I think you're the only honest woman I've ever known."
  • (Irene Dunne) "Why is it all your fashionable houses have to be the same color? Like, cold chocolate sauce?"
  • (Irene Dunne) "You've showed me that it's worthwhile to miss things, if by doing so, others can be saved from disillusionment and misery."

Helen Westley as Granny Manson Mingott

  • (Helen Westley) "Run along and fetch her, Newland, like a good grandson. May and I have a lot to say to each other. She's going to tell me all the secrets of the honeymoon."
  • (Helen Westley) "I'm not prepared to die. I've been neglecting my bible lately."
  • (Lionel Atwill) "Oh, come now. You know you want to go where I'm going."
  • (Helen Westley) "Hello, Beaufort. Where's Regina?"
  • (Lionel Atwill) "Oh, she's about. Of course, it's hard for a man to keep track of his wife these days."
  • (Helen Westley) "Are you sure you try?"
  • (Helen Westley) "I don't know what your old Granny is going to do without you, child? Not that I blame you. Life will be a good deal gayer for you over there. If I were you're age and had the whole world to chose from, I'd do the same."

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