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Return to Oz Quotes

Return to Oz is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Return to Oz stopped airing in 1970.

It features Paul Maslansky as producer, David Shire in charge of musical score, and David Watkin (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Return to Oz is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Return to Oz is 113 minutes long. Return to Oz is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Brian Henson & Stewart Larange as Jack Pumpkinhead, Fairuza Balk as Dorothy, Pons Maar as Nome, Mak Wilson as Billina, Fairuza Balk as Dorothy Gale, Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose as Tik-Tok, Pons Maar as Lead Wheeler, Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington as Gump, Fiona Victory as Mombi III, Jean Marsh as Nurse Wilson, Nicol Williamson as Dr. J.B. Worley, Beatrice Murch as Ozma, Piper Laurie as Aunt Em, and Sophie Ward as Mombi II.

Return to Oz Quotes

Brian Henson & Stewart Larange as Jack Pumpkinhead

  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "Here's a broom Tik-Tok, it'll make a great tail."
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "Excellent. Now we must Gump the head at the front, and tie Jack's feet together."
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "Right. Tie my feet together"
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "Bring that mantlepiece to the desk, and then annoint the palms."
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "Right, annoint the-"
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "That is right Jack. Left, right, wrong."
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "What are you talking about Tik-Tok?"
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "Little girl, squaking eggs, make chicken fly the coop."
  • (Mak Wilson) "Coop?"
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "If his brain's ran down, how can he talk?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "It happens to people all the time, Jack."
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "May I call you Mom, even if it isn't so?"
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "Mr. Gump, can't you fly any faster?"
  • (Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington) "Not unless one of you wants to jump off."

Mak Wilson as Billina

  • (Mak Wilson) "What is this, a man or a melon?"
  • (Brian Henson & Stewart Larange) "A pumpkin, if you please."
  • (Mak Wilson) "Some place for a chicken coop. How big is this pond anyway?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I don't think it's a pond, Billina."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I guess it is a pond."
  • (Mak Wilson) "Hmm, told you so."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Where did all the rest of the water go?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Yeah, where did Kansas go? Ohh, this is some place for a chicken coop."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "When did you learn to talk anyway? I thought hens could only cluck and cackle."
  • (Mak Wilson) "Strange, ain't it? How's my grammar?"
  • (The Nome King) "Don't you know that eggs are poison?"
  • (Mak Wilson) "Poison, indeed."
  • (The Nome King) "Poison -- poison to -- nomes."
  • (Mak Wilson) "We come all this way to see a bunch a stiffs."

Pons Maar as Nome

  • (Pons Maar) "You'll be sorry for treating me like this. I'm a TERRIBLE fierce person."
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "I am only a machine. So I can not be sorry or happy, no matter what happens."
  • (Pons Maar) "You have to come out sooner or later. And when you do, we'll tear you into little pieces and throw you in the deadly desert."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I haven't done anything to you."
  • (Pons Maar) "Isn't that a stolen lunch pail in your hand? Isn't that a chicken in there with you? The Nome King doesn't allow chickens anywhere in Oz."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Who's the Nome King?"
  • (Pons Maar) "Who is the Nome King?"
  • (Pons Maar) "Please, let me go. Please, please, let me go. Pleeaase, let me go. Let me go."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "All right Tik Tok, let him go."
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "Behave yourself now."
  • (Pons Maar) "I WILL behave. I'll-I'll behave."
  • (Pons Maar) "Behave."
  • (Pons Maar) "Behave -- I'll be --; ohhps."
  • (Pons Maar) "YOU BEHAVE."
  • (Pons Maar) "-- there's no sign of the CHICKEN."
  • (Pons Maar) "Your Majesty. SHE has returned to Oz."
  • (The Nome King) "Good, good. Keep an eye on her."
  • (The Nome King) "Well, what's the matter? What is it?"
  • (Pons Maar) "She has a -- chicken with her."
  • (The Nome King) "A CHICKEN?"
  • (Pons Maar) "Come here -- chicken."

Fiona Victory as Mombi III

  • (Fiona Victory) "You will be rather attractive -- one day. Not at all beautiful, you understand, but you have a certain -- prettiness. Different from my other heads. I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years till your head is ready. And then I'll take it."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I believe you will NOT."

Fairuza Balk as Dorothy

  • (Fairuza Balk) "This is the old house. The one the tornado blew away. This is how I got into Oz the first time. That used to be my bedroom, and in there was the kitchen -- And that's where I landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. But where all the munchkins?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Oh no --"
  • (Mak Wilson) "That's just a yellow brick."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "No, Billina. This was the yellow brick road. It leads to the Emerald City."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Oz."
  • (Scarecrow) "Dorothy."
  • (The Nome King) "Smudge and blazes."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Scarecrow."
  • (Scarecrow) "Dorothy."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "You were green."
  • (Scarecrow) "What?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "You were a green ornament."
  • (Scarecrow) "I was?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Maybe people from Oz turn into green ornaments."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Look, Billina, these ones have lost their heads."
  • (Mak Wilson) "Now, that's what I call just plain carelessness"

Sophie Ward as Mombi II

  • (Sophie Ward) "I think Number 4 will do for this afternoon."

Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington as Gump

  • (The Nome King) "Why doesn't the sofa go first."
  • (Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington) "But I don't have anything to touch with."
  • (The Nome King) "You can use your antlers."
  • (Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington) "I should have quit when I was a head."
  • (Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington) "If I had a stomach, I know I would be sick."
  • (Lyle Conway & Stephen Norrington) "The last thing I remember is walking through the forest and hearing a loud noise. Now, here I am flying through the air. What am I anyway?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "You're a -- a thing, with a Gump's head on it. We built you and brought you to life so you can take us to the Nome King; to rescue the Scarecrow."

Jean Marsh as Nurse Wilson

  • (Jean Marsh) "Lie down."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I'd like to sit up, if I may."
  • (Jean Marsh) "What did your aunt tell you?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "To do what you told me, Miss Wilson."
  • (Jean Marsh) "Then, lie down."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Why do you have to tie me down?"
  • (Jean Marsh) "So that you don't fall off."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I came all the way from the farm on a buggy and I didn't fall off."
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Did I hear somebody scream earlier?"
  • (Jean Marsh) "No."
  • (Nicol Williamson) "Hello, Dorothy. How are you?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I wish I wasn't tied down."
  • (Jean Marsh) "Where's my powder of life?"
  • (Jean Marsh) "-- Doooorothy Gaaale."

Piper Laurie as Aunt Em

  • (Piper Laurie) "The clinic was hit by lightning and it burned to the ground. Everybody was rescued, except Dr. Worley. He ran in to rescue his machines."

Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose as Tik-Tok

  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "These Wheelers can be tricky customers."
  • (Michael Sundin & Timothy D. Rose) "I have always valued my lifelessness."

Nicol Williamson as Dr. J.B. Worley

  • (Nicol Williamson) "And how did you come back from -- Oz?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "With my ruby slippers."
  • (Nicol Williamson) "How did they work?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "You put them on and you click your heels three times, and you say "There's no place like home"."
  • (Nicol Williamson) "Dorothy, where are those slippers now?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "I lost them. They fell off on the way back."

Beatrice Murch as Ozma

  • (Beatrice Murch) "Why did they bring you here, Dorothy?"
  • (Fairuza Balk) "Because I can't sleep, and I talk about a place that I've been to, but nobody believes that it exists."

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