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Requiem for a Secret Agent Quotes

Requiem for a Secret Agent is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Requiem for a Secret Agent ended its run in 1970.

It features Alberto Grimaldi as producer, Antonio Pérez Olea in charge of musical score, and Carlo Carlini as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Requiem for a Secret Agent is 102 minutes long.

Requiem for a Secret Agent Quotes

  • (Franco) "You were saying?"
  • (Moran) "We must replace O'Brien."
  • (Franco) "Quite right."
  • (Moran) "Well, I suggest sending Michael Palmer. He's class A in judo and karate, on rapid pistol fire, his scores are always outstanding. And as far as physical training --"
  • (Franco) "Hell's Bells, Moran. We're not out to win the Olympics."
  • (Moran) "But surely --"
  • (Franco) "You listen to me, these superman of yours, so full of vitamins, they're no good for this job. Can't you understand? Our agents know all about Russian, Chinese and Cuban espionage. However, this time we're up against something different. In Morocco, we're fighting against independents. A private network of mercenaries who sell themselves to the highest bidder, to arrange political assassinations, revolutions and even wars. We have only one possibility in fighting these S.O.Bs: one-up-manship. We'll use an even worse S.O.B. ourselves."
  • (Moran) "But who, Sir? There's not one our --"
  • (Franco) "The man I have in mind is a freelancer called John Merrill. Better known as "Bingo". I've used him several times in the past. Or rather, now that I come to think of it, he's used me. I've already reached an agreement with him from the financial side. He's in Berlin now. Here's your air ticket and the necessary information. And this cheque is for Bingo. It's only an advance, you realise, you have to pay for quality. And you'll do better if you give it to him right away, or he won't even listen to you."

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