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Red Hill (film) Quotes

Red Hill (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Red Hill stopped airing in 1970.

It features Al Clark (producer) as producer, Dmitri Golovko in charge of musical score, and Tim Hudson as head of cinematography.

Red Hill (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Red Hill (film) is 95 minutes long.

The cast includes: Ryan Kwanten as Shane Cooper, Claire van der Boom as Alice Cooper, Steve Bisley as Old Bill, Dom Phelan as Ken, and Tom E. Lewis as Jimmy Conway.

Red Hill (film) Quotes

Claire van der Boom as Alice Cooper

  • (Claire van der Boom) "You're not taking the car?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "You might want to go into town."
  • (Claire van der Boom) "I can walk."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "You can waddle."
  • (Claire van der Boom) "Do you even know where you're going?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "No idea."
  • (Claire van der Boom) "Be careful, cowboy."

Ryan Kwanten as Shane Cooper

  • (Ryan Kwanten) "Alice? Have you seen my gun?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "We lost -- we lost our last pregnancy at six months. The doctor said we should move somewhere quiet, away from the city. Try and keep her blood pressure down."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "I don't wanna cause any unnecessary stress, but I just came from Gleason's property and he seems to think there's a panther roaming the area."
  • (Steve Bisley) "Jesus, Cooper. This is Australia, mate, not fucking Africa."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "We got a convicted murderer out there killing every man in this town and you're suggesting we don't call it in?"
  • (Steve Bisley) "Yes."

Steve Bisley as Old Bill

  • (Steve Bisley) "That's a mighty fast draw for someone who's never shot a bullet."
  • (Steve Bisley) "What, you shot yourself?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "No, sir."
  • (Steve Bisley) "Well, who did?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "A kid. He was strung out. He pulled a concealed weapon, I pulled mine and --"
  • (Steve Bisley) "You couldn't pull the trigger."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "He was just a kid."
  • (Steve Bisley) "It was a kid with a gun."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "That's one way of looking at it."
  • (Steve Bisley) "What's the other way, Constable?"
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "Maybe he needed help, not a bullet."
  • (Ryan Kwanten) "What, you disagree, Inspector?"
  • (Steve Bisley) "We'd be having a different conversation if you were dead."
  • (Steve Bisley) "If I'm going to be your superior, there's nothing that you can't share with me."
  • (Steve Bisley) "What's funny?"
  • (Dom Phelan) "Bit of overkill, Old Billy."
  • (Steve Bisley) "Jimmy Conway was the best brumby tracker this town ever had. You'll hold your position and you'll be armed at all times, you understand?"
  • (Steve Bisley) "We all know what we're dealing with here. Jimmy Conway rides into this town, he'll be bringing hell with him. Shoot to kill."

Tom E. Lewis as Jimmy Conway

  • (Tom E. Lewis) "We were going to have a boy."

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