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Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Quotes

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas completed its run in 1970.

It features J. Eric Schmidt in charge of musical score.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is 66 minutes long. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck, Bill Farmer as Goofy, Mae Whitman as Girl, Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse, Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse, Pat Musick as Woman, Jim Cummings as Pete, and Pat Musick as Man.

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Quotes

Bill Farmer as Goofy

  • (Unnamed) "Did you know that there are over 2 billion kids in the world?"
  • (Bill Farmer) "No wonder I keep tripping over roller skates."
  • (Unnamed) "That means Santa would have to take about 800 visits a second. Not including bathroom breaks."
  • (Bill Farmer) "Well, Santy's been so good at it for so long, he figured out all the shortcuts."
  • (Bill Farmer) "Look what I found, Maxie. It's your old stuffed bear. You remember what you named him?"
  • (Unnamed) "Old stuffed bear?"
  • (Bill Farmer) "Mmm, chestnuts."
  • (Bill Farmer) "That'll put the Spirit of Chrismtas in ya."
  • (Bill Farmer) "Of course there's a Santy. Otherwise, we'd have a lot of jobless elves running around."
  • (Bill Farmer) "We should slow down before we break the sound barrier."
  • (Unnamed) "What?"
  • (Bill Farmer) "We're heading straight for the mall."
  • (Bill Farmer) "It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas after all."
  • (Bill Farmer) "A broken clock's right two times a day, and this time, I know I'm right."
  • (Bill Farmer) "You sure do look a lot shorter than you do in your pictures -- and slimmer too."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, you know. Camera adds 50 pounds."
  • (Bill Farmer) "Maybe I should get one of those neat electric thingies. Nah, don't want to turn into one of those fancy-loving nuts."
  • (Unnamed) "Low bridge."
  • (Bill Farmer) "Really? Where?"

Pat Musick as Man

  • (Pat Musick) "You and that harmonica make a great team."
  • (Wayne Allwine) "Yep, she's worth her weight in gold alright."

Jim Cummings as Pete

  • (Jim Cummings) "Mmm, someone's burning their ham."

Mae Whitman as Girl

  • (Unnamed) "Wow."
  • (Mae Whitman) "It's bigger than our house."

Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse

  • (Russi Taylor) "Why don't you play some music for us, Mickey?"
  • (Wayne Allwine) "Don't you think you should open your present first? And by the way, what time is it?"
  • (Russi Taylor) "I think it's time to open your present."
  • (Wayne Allwine) "Oh, uh -- a case -- for my harmonica."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Oh, a chain for my -- watch -- but I traded my watch to buy you that case."
  • (Wayne Allwine) "And I traded my harmonica to get you that chain for your watch."
  • (Russi Taylor) "Oh, Mickey. I can't believe you gave up what means the most to you."
  • (Wayne Allwine) "Don't worry, Minnie. You're all the music I'll ever need."

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