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Love Ranch Quotes

Love Ranch is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Love Ranch ended its run in 1970.

It features David Bergstein, Lou DiBella, and Taylor Hackford as producer, Chris Bacon (composer) in charge of musical score, and Kieran McGuigan as head of cinematography.

Love Ranch is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Love Ranch is 117 minutes long. Love Ranch is distributed by Capitol Films, and Road Rebel.

Love Ranch Quotes

  • (Grace Bontempo) "Selling love will make you rich. That's what my mother taught me. Just don't put your heart in it."
  • (Armando Bruza) "A manager is supposed to help a fighter, no?"
  • (Grace Bontempo) "Listen, I got 25 psychotic whores to manage, that's a full dance card."
  • (Christina) "She ripped my dress."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "Oh boo hoo, the next time I'm in Kmart I'll buy you a new one."
  • (Armando Bruza) "You know, I could run a whore house. I know I could. Someday maybe I have a place like this."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "That's your life's ambition? Great."
  • (Leroy Colter) "I'm gonna slap you silly. I'm gonna slap you like Jack Johnson did that other ugly white boy."
  • (Armando Bruza) "I'm not white, I'm Argentinian."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "Who?"
  • (Armando Bruza) "Carlo Cavalli."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "Carlo Cavalli. Carlo Cavalli."
  • (Armando Bruza) "He's God."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "He's God? No, Elvis is God."
  • (Grace Bontempo) "What keeps me going is that through all the lies, I know the truth. We had it. Him and me for a moment. Love and truth together. Finally. And forever. Hey, how many people can say that?"

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