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Figure It Out Quotes

Figure It Out is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 on Nickelodeon. Figure It Out ended its run in 1999.

Figure It Out lasted 6 seasons and 218 episodes. Figure It Out is created by Kevin Kay.

Each episode of Figure It Out is 24 minutes long. Figure It Out is produced by Nickelodeon Productions and distributed by Viacom International.

Figure It Out Quotes

  • (Unnamed) "Are you faster than a hat in water?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are you in fact the inventor of hair replacement?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Contestant's Father) "Does it look like it?"
  • (Unnamed) "We stopped the clock when Steve got slimed --"
  • (Unnamed) "-- and he's still getting slimed."
  • (Unnamed) "Is it an Ocean Spray dog washer?"
  • (Unnamed) "I'm thinking --"
  • (Unnamed) "-- nothing."
  • (Unnamed) "Habla. Of course, that means bark."
  • (Unnamed) "You got a problem with me?"
  • (Unnamed) "Do you have a problem with him?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Here's your next clue, you guys."
  • (Answering Machine Voice) "You have reached the National Association of Forgetful People. Please leave a message after the, uh --"
  • (Answering Machine Voice) "-- oh yeah, that's it."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you really think this should say "starring Summer Sanders"?"
  • (Unnamed) "Judges? No."
  • (Summer's Dad) "This reminds me of the first time you started cooking, Summer."
  • (Unnamed) "OH MY GOD."
  • (Unnamed) "I quit the show. I quit the show."
  • (Unnamed) "Amanda, there's one second left in the round. Think you can get a question out?"
  • (Unnamed) "I can try."
  • (Unnamed) "Ready -- go."
  • (Unnamed) "Don't know."
  • (Unnamed) "Blank, blank, blank, blank by blank nose."
  • (Unnamed) "If you drop bowling balls on us, I'll cry"
  • (Unnamed) "Guys, wake up. Okay, one minute on the clock; Mike we're gonna start with you. Ready? Go."
  • (Unnamed) "Is this an invention?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Is it an invention?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Is it an invention?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "I have a feeling I know --"
  • (Unnamed) "Invention?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll pass."
  • (Unnamed) "Pass."
  • (Unnamed) "Pass."
  • (Unnamed) "Pass."
  • (Unnamed) "Does it have anything to do with getting hit in the head with a crouton?"
  • (Unnamed) "J's mom, please tell us what the Secret Slime Action is."
  • (Joanne Dumas (Announcer)) "The Secret Slime Action is: "being named after a vegetable.""
  • (Unnamed) "I just can't help but laugh. I'm evil that way."
  • (Unnamed) "Is what you invented dolphin-safe?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "It's not?"
  • (Unnamed) "Does your dog -- like -- colors?"
  • (Contestant) "He's color blind."
  • (Unnamed) "He's color blind? Cool."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh. How abrasive."
  • (Unnamed) "Josh, you're question."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you the first person ever to find Danny Tamberelli attractive?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "That's so mean. I love Danny."
  • (Unnamed) "The secret smile action was talking amongst yourselves."
  • (Unnamed) "Can what you do cause an entire population of Mongolian pygmies to pass out?"
  • (Unnamed) "Does it involve kicking a habit?"
  • (Unnamed) "You tryin' to tell me somethin'?"
  • (Unnamed) "Do you hang from a pipe by your nose?"
  • (Unnamed) ""Dances with wolves to rock music"?"
  • (Unnamed) "Okay. So your machine doesn't like rock 'n' roll music, so it would want to buy my record. So is; uh; is; are; are you guys in the mob?"
  • (Unnamed) "What ? I do not wear frilly underwear."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you spin beef jerky?"
  • (Girl on Tape Recording) "Pepper, get off the couch."
  • (Unnamed) "Let's give them a big hand. You guys were great."
  • (Girl on Tape Recording) "Summer, get off the couch."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you know what you get when you cross a camel and a lima bean?"
  • (Unnamed) ""Cleans up after grandma after her teeth pop out.""
  • (Unnamed) "Dances with monkeys in"
  • (Unnamed) "Thailand."
  • (Chris Jericho) "Does it have anything to do with pathogenic ocular dissonance?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are you the Double Dare Karate Champion?"
  • (Unnamed) "Does it have anything to do with nothing?"
  • (Unnamed) "Does it involve me ?"
  • (Contestant) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Yes, it does."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you stick your whole elbow up your nose?"
  • (Unnamed) ""Scares herself with cat hair knots"?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are you a blimp operator?"
  • (Unnamed) "Did you invent the most amazing book ever?"
  • (Unnamed) "It's the official "Figure It Out" sweatshirt. Available in small, medium and "Wow. That's a big sweatshirt"."
  • (Unnamed) "Carrot Top, that was your dad."
  • (Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson) "Yeah, he's been in a jumpsuit before -- on the interstate."
  • (Unnamed) "Does it have anything to do with pain?"
  • (Unnamed) "Are you now, or have you ever, lived la vida loca?"

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