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Deadalive Quotes

Deadalive is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Deadalive ended its run in 1970.

Deadalive Quotes

  • (Scully) "Mulder -- Hi."
  • (Mulder) "Who are you?"
  • (Scully) "Oh, my God. Don't do that to me. Do you know? Do you have any idea what you've been through?"
  • (Mulder) "Only what I see in your face. Anybody miss me?"
  • (John Doggett) "Hey, good morning, Agent Scully. How you feeling today?"
  • (Scully) "I'm fine. How are you feeling?"
  • (John Doggett) "Me? Good. But then I don't got a little J. Edgar to lug around."
  • (Scully) "A.D. Skinner just called. He told me about your meeting with Kersh."
  • (John Doggett) "Well, whatever he told you I'm still going to be here to drive you crazy with questions and nagging doubt."
  • (Scully) "You'd be crazy to stay, Agent Doggett. This is a huge career opportunity for you."
  • (John Doggett) "It's not my career he's got in mind."
  • (Scully) "What do you mean?"
  • (John Doggett) "In six weeks, you go on maternity leave. Kersh transfers me out, guess what? He gets to lock that door over there for good."
  • (Scully) "You don't owe me anything, Agent Doggett."
  • (John Doggett) "They put me down here to find Mulder. I found him. So what? We still got an open file on this case and I got big questions."
  • (John Doggett) "What?"
  • (Scully) "I heard the same speech come out of my mouth 7 years ago."
  • (Scully) "Get out while you can, Agent Doggett. Or you may never get out at all."
  • (Alvin Kersh) "Smile, John. You look tense. I've asked you here to commend you."
  • (John Doggett) "What's this?"
  • (Alvin Kersh) "A letter to the director citing your meritorious efforts in the recovery of Agent Fox Mulder. And a recommendation that you be considered for advancement."
  • (John Doggett) "Sir, the Assistant Director here deserves more credit than I --"
  • (Walter Skinner) "Deputy Director Kersh spoke to me at length before you came up. He thanked me and asked me to write you a letter, too --"
  • (Walter Skinner) "-- officially transferring you off the X-Files to a division more suited to your talents."
  • (Alvin Kersh) "Man of my word, Agent Doggett."
  • (John Doggett) "Thank you for your support, sir. But all things being equal, I -- uuh -- would like to give any transfer some thought."
  • (Alvin Kersh) "Fish while they are biting, John."
  • (Scully) "He was the last. His father and mother, his sister -- all gone. I think the real tragedy -- is that for all of his pain and searching -- the truth that he worked so hard to find was never truly revealed to him."
  • (Scully) "I can't truly believe that I'm really standing here."
  • (Walter Skinner) "I know. And I don't truly believe that -- Mulder's the last."

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