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Dead Man's Folly (film) Quotes

Dead Man's Folly is a television program that debuted in 1986 on CBS. Dead Man's Folly completed its run in 1970.

It features Neil Hartley as producer, John Addison in charge of musical score, and Curtis Clark as head of cinematography.

Dead Man's Folly is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Dead Man's Folly is 94 minutes long. Dead Man's Folly is produced by Warner Bros. Television and distributed by CBS. Spinoffs for this show include Murder in Three Acts.

The cast includes: Jean Stapleton as Ariadne Oliver, Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot, Jeff Yagher as Eddie South, Ralph Arliss as Michael Weyman, Susan Wooldridge as Amanda Brewis, and Caroline Langrishe as Sally Legge.

Dead Man's Folly Quotes

Ralph Arliss as Michael Weyman

Jean Stapleton as Ariadne Oliver

  • (Jean Stapleton) "Doesn't your intuition tell you anything?"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "My intuition tells me -- I haven't finished my breakfast."
  • (Jean Stapleton) "It's just like my murder."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "It is, Mrs. Oliver. Just like your murder, except -- this one is dead."

Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot

  • (Peter Ustinov) "Children are erratic, or so i'm told. I don't have the privelege of knowing many."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "I haven't given up, Mrs. Folliatt. I will not give up. Hercule Poirot will never give up."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Greedy you say? Is there anyting greedier than destroying something because it stands in the way of your miserable ambitions."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Mr. South."
  • (Jeff Yagher) ""Eddie"'s fine."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "Mr. South --"
  • (Peter Ustinov) "There those who have to exercise their little grey cells, and some who lock people in them."

Susan Wooldridge as Amanda Brewis

  • (Susan Wooldridge) "Men are such fools."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "And why should you make such an observation, madamoiselle?"
  • (Susan Wooldridge) "They can be so shrewd, and then they go off and marry the wrong woman --"

Caroline Langrishe as Sally Legge

  • (Caroline Langrishe) "I really think you should mind your own business."
  • (Peter Ustinov) "I have tried -- but I can't."

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