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Command Performance (2009 film) Quotes

Command Performance (2009 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Command Performance stopped airing in 1970.

It features Les Weldon as producer, Adam Nordén in charge of musical score, and Marc Windon as head of cinematography.

Command Performance (2009 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Command Performance (2009 film) is 93 minutes long.

The cast includes: Melissa Smith as Venus, Dolph Lundgren as Joe, and Zahary Baharov as Mikhail.

Command Performance (2009 film) Quotes

Melissa Smith as Venus

  • (Melissa Smith) "That's for my brother you fucking piece of shit."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Joe."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "You okay? You not hurt?"
  • (Melissa Smith) "They killed my brother and the American ambassador."
  • (Zahary Baharov) "We know."
  • (Melissa Smith) "They've got the president and the girls. We've got to get help."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Look we've got a hell of a recording deal coming up with your label, none of these assholes gonna stop me."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Are you sure you wanna open this tour for me?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "It pays the rent."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Hey, you kicked ass out there."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Thanks."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Not bad for an older guy."
  • (Melissa Smith) "God, they love me here in Russia. Your the drummer for my new warm up act, right?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Right."
  • (Melissa Smith) "What's your name again?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "It's Joe."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Hey er you wanna party later?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Look with all due respect erm you've got a hell of a voice but a waste with this techno dance crap."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Because I get a private jet, twenty dancers and fifty million dollar record contract? It pays the rent. Are you sure you wanna open up this tour for me?"
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "It pays the rent."
  • (Melissa Smith) "Joe, don't get killed."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "You know when this is over I wanna renegotiate my royalty rate, may need your contacts."
  • (Melissa Smith) "How can you talk about business at a time like this? Those bastards are trying to kill us."
  • (Dolph Lundgren) "Dying's easy, rock and roll is hard."

Dolph Lundgren as Joe

  • (Dolph Lundgren) "We don't rehearse. We just play."

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