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Alice by Paul Laurence Dunbar


"Alice" is a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar. This poem can both be considered romantic and yet also a nature poem. The poem constantly praises the beauty of both the valleys, all it has to offer, and Alice. The poem speaks of how Alice is beautiful, smells fantastic, and has a pure soul. In the meantime, Dunbar mentions all these beautiful things about the valley that it somehow also brings the beauty of nature into the readers mind.

"Alice" is a poem made up of three stanzas with six lines in each. The stanzas are rhymed as ABABCC. The syllables go 7-6-7-6-7-7, basically following the rhyme scheme in order to keep a constant rhythm.



Know you, winds that blow your course
Down the verdant valleys,
That somewhere you must, perforce,
Kiss the brow of Alice?
When her gentle face you find,
Kiss it softly, naughty wind.

Roses waving fair and sweet
Thro' the garden alleys,
Grow into a glory meet
For the eye of Alice;
Let the wind your offering bear
Of sweet perfume, faint and rare.

Lily holding crystal dew
In your pure white chalice,
Nature kind hath fashioned you
Like the soul of Alice;
It of purest white is wrought,
Filled with gems of crystal thought

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