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Inspirational Quotes for Women - Page 3

Women are just as capable as men. It's just that in the past we didn't have the same opportunities as today.
When given the chance, women have taken full advantage and shown the world everything we have hoped for.
Sadly, many countries still undervalue women. Stand strong and work for change!
Even if a woman can receive an education and can get the same job as a man, that doesn't mean there aren't other challenges women must endure. Gender stigmas exist everywhere. Let's work to change it!
When given the chance, a woman is the most powerful thing in the world.
Without women, who would keep everything working in the world?
When the tough gets going and the going gets tough, I call a woman.
Women are the secret to every man's victory.
When you're feeling down, just think, at least you aren't a man!
Born a woman, always a woman. Wear it with a smile!
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