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Quotations About Kids - Page 2

Things Kids Say

I didn't miss school at all. What are you talking about?
An 8-year-old after being asked how much school he missed after being sick
There's no one in there.
A 6-year-old while watching his father knock on the wall to find a support beam to hang a picture frame
Tell me when you're asleep, OK?
A 7-year-old to his 5-year-old brother
What's the story about all the lines on your neck?
A 4-year-old to his pre-school teacher
You're dickless!
A 5-year-old trying to say the phrase, "You're ridiculous!"
Mom, my bagina quacked!
A 3-year-old to her mother in the grocery store
It's not our fault you went out and got fat!
A 4-year-old to his pregnant mother
Teacher, why does my peter grow big?
A 3-year-old to his pre-school teacher
I'm trying to figure out ifit took the elevator of flew up here.
A 6-year-old girl after watching a bird on the balcony of a hotel room.
Mom, I can't sleep. My bed has lost its neat!
A 6-year-old after waking up his mom in the middle of the night
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