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The Only News I know by Emily Dickinson


In this poem, Dickinson speaks of things with which she loves to think about: immortality, eternity, and God. She sees the world as a cold and lonely place, so once they start to see heaven or a different world, they prefer it and wish to be there.

In the first stanza, she speaks of how she doesn't read the news, but would rather think about spirituality. In the second stanza, she states that she doesn't watch shows, because she is too busy being spiritual and wants to live for eternity (in heaven). However, she leaves some doubt by stating, "Perchance" as if she isn't sure she will get there. The third stanza states the only person she meets is God, which means she only talks to God, but "the only street, / Existance; this traversed" meaning she is seeking existence freely. The last stanza says that if she receives other news, she'll tell the reader, but she doesn't expect to hear any.

Johnson number: 827


The Only News I know

The Only News I know
Is bulletins all day
From Immortality.

The only shows I see,
Tomorrow and Today,
Perchance Eternity.

The only One I meet
Is God, -the only street,
Existance; this traversed

If other news there be,
Or admirabler show -
I'll tell it you.

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God, Love

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