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To F--S S. O--D by Edgar Allan Poe


"To F--S S. O--D" is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. It was originally titled as "To Elizabeth"--referring to his cousin Elizabeth Herring. However, after some revision it was published in Southern Literary Messenger with the title "Lines Written in an Album" supposedly addressed to Eliza White (the daughter of Poe's employer at Messenger). The final name, the one showing here, was added in his collection The Raven and Other Poems in 1845.

The poem simply tells the woman to stay on her current path to achieve her goal of being loved.

"To F--S S. O--D" is a poem with only one stanza. It contains the rhyme scheme ABABCDCD with the even lines indented.


To F--S S. O--D

Thou wouldst be loved?- then let thy heart
  From its present pathway part not!
Being everything which now thou art,
  Be nothing which thou art not.
So with the world thy gentle ways,
  Thy grace, thy more than beauty,
Shall be an endless theme of praise,
  And love- a simple duty.

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