Poem of Quotes 2018 English Literature Website Awards

Welcome to The Poem of Quotes 2018 Website Awards for the best literature websites of the year.  We went through hundreds of websites, and our readers selected these sites as the best of the best. They are definitely worth a bookmark.

Category: Poetry

Below are the sites our readers selected as the top poetry websites of the year.  Congratulations to all of the winners:

Site: Blogalicious

Blogalicious, Diane Lockward's excellent poetry and writing blog, contains many tips and tricks that can make anyone a better writer.

Lockward not only writes poetry, but she also shows readers how to edit and perfect their work. Our favorite posts are the ones that provide tips on how to craft your own poetry.

Site: Tapestry of Words

"Tapestry of Words" is mainly a poetry site, but it has other content on writing as well. We most enjoy the "poetry Friday" sections, which include thought provoking original poems as well as information on how and why they were written.

The site explains the intricacies of certain forms of poetry and guides readers through writing. It's a great resource for students who are interested in writing poems but don't know where to start.

Site: Kaleidoscopic Kites

If you're looking to inspire your students to become writers, look no further than this site, which offers up a number of beautiful, thought-provoking poems. What our readers most appreciate about the author's writing is the raw emotion that comes across so beautifully.

Some ideas for how to use such a site might be to encourage students to write poetry that they too can share on the internet and discover an authentic passion for themselves.

Site: Poetry Inspired

"Poetry Inspired" has many great, lesser known poets.  It posts new poems almost daily, and each poem has an inspirational image associated with it.  This site is great for any writer who needs inspiration before beginning a project.


This is another excellent poetry resource.  Although the site contains a lot of non-poetry content, the author posts new unique and inspirational poetry quite often.  All of the work is original.

Site: Another Porch ...A Poetry Blog

This site is not just a poetry blog, but the author's original works make this site excellent.

Another great thing about this site is that the author provides ideas for poets.

If you are looking to write a poem, but you don't know what to write about (or where to get started), visit this site and take one of the challenges.

Site: The RavensPerch

"The RavensPerch" publishes works by individual authors from the literature community.  The site gives visibility to lesser known poets, and it contains a wide variety of voices.  "The RavensPerch" also publishes non-fiction and fiction works, as well as visual art. 

Category: Fiction

Below are the sites our readers chose as top fiction websites of the year.  Congratulations to all of the winners.

Site: Fictionophile

"Fictionophile" is a site for fiction reviews, book reviews, and more. The site is run by a prolific reviewer of books on Goodreads and other review sites.

In addition to reviews, the site contains a lot of content, such as quotes, covers, and more. It's the perfect go-to site for any fiction lover.

Site: Untold Fiction Stories

Untold Fiction Stories is a site full of its author's short fiction.  The stories are excellent, and anyone who is looking to get into writing short stories should take a look.

Site: Writers in the Storm

Writers in the Storm is a great site for writers of short stories.

The site provides tips and ideas to help writers craft their work. If you write short stories -- or any kind of fiction -- this site is a must-read.