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Quotations from Push

Push is a science-fiction action thriller superhero film about two young American superheroes trying to find a girl in Hong Kong before a government organization does. The film follows the life of Nick and Cassie as they gather a group of people together to try and take down an agency that is using a drug to enhance their powers and create an army of super soldiers. Directed by Paul McGuigan. Starring Camilla Belle, Chris Evans, Cliff Curtis, and Dakota Fanning.

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Push was poorly received by critics upon its release. As well, it saw only minor success in the box office. However, DC Comics ran a comic book mini-series based on the film that acts as a prequel. As well, a television show is said to be in the works. Read quotes from the film Push below.

Cassie Holmes: Right now our future isn't that great.
Henry Carver: With her we are going to create an army the world has never seen before.
Cassie Holmes: I haven't even gotten to the bad part yet. We die.
Nick: You say the future is always changing, right?
Cassie Holmes: What are you going to go do?
Nick: Try to make a better one.
Cassie Holmes: Sounds like a plan. But what about the part where we die?
Cassie Holmes: They're here.
Nick: Not part of the plan.
Nick: Run Cassie!
Henry Carver: You all die. You know who doesn't? Me.
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