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To Foreign Lands by Walt Whitman


"To Foreign Lands" is a poem by Walt Whitman. This short poem is addressed to all the foreign lands of the world. He states that he heard the lands wanted to know what the New World was and what America was, so he is giving them his poetry so they can find out exactly what it is. Of course, Whitman wrote about basically everything, especially love and nature. However, he also wrote about morals and emotions. I imagine that someone in a foreign land would come away simply thinking that America is everything and possibly even amazing.

This poem is made up of three lines put into one stanza.


To Foreign Lands

I heard that you ask'd for something to prove this puzzle, the New World,
And to define America, her athletic Democracy;
Therefore I send you my poems, that you behold in them what you wanted.

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Literary Movement
19th Century

Love, Nature, Patriotic

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