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Cavalry Crossing a Ford by Walt Whitman


"Cavalry Crossing a Ford" is a poem written by Walt Whitman. This poem is about exactly what the title states. Whitman uses his great words to give a great image of the activities the cavalry is going through. We can easily see a line of men in a serpent line, waiting to cross the river. Because of their long travel, they are full of dirt. Some of the men have already crossed while the others are waiting on the other side waiting for their turn. And in teh distance, we see the American flag flying.

This poem is made up of one stanza with eleven lines.


Cavalry Crossing a Ford

A line in long array where they wind betwixt green islands,
They take a serpentine course, their arms flash in the sun--hark to
the musical clank,
Behold the silvery river, in it the splashing horses loitering stop
to drink,
Behold the brown-faced men, each group, each person a picture, the
negligent rest on the saddles,
Some emerge on the opposite bank, others are just entering the
Scarlet and blue and snowy white,
The guidon flags flutter gayly in the wind.

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