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Quotations About Unrequited Love - Page 3

Sometimes loving someone is the hardest part of life.
Loving someone doesn't mean that they have to love you back, but for a relationship it does.
A real relationship requires both people to love one another. If that isn't happening, find someone else.
Unrequited love writes poems by itself.
It's OK to love someone who doesn't love you back, but don't obsess over it.
Don't lose your shirt trying to impress a girl who has no feelings for you.
The worst time in my life was when I tried to impress a girl who didn't like me.
Don't let life revolve around someone you aren't already committed to.
Life is short. Don't make it shorter by worrying about something you can't change.
You cannot make someone love you. Be yourself. If it happens, it happens.
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