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Words that rhyme with submarines

4 syllable words that rhyme with submarines

amphetamines newsmagazines nitrosamines nitrosomines

3 syllable words that rhyme with submarines

argentines balanchine's caesareans carotenes duberstein's eritreans evergreens figurines finkelstein's frankenstein's gabardines gasolines hammerstein's intervenes josephine's libertines limousines listerines magazine's magazines magazines' mangosteens nicotine's opalines peregrines philippines philippines' philistines phillipines quarantines reconvenes seventeens smithereens submarine's tangerines vitarine's wolverine's

2 syllable words that rhyme with submarines

alkenes appleans arlene's bernstein's betweens burdine's burdines bylines calgene's canteens careens christine's convenes cortines cremeens cuisines d'alene's demeans dickstein's eighteen's eighteens engines' feinstein's feldstein's fifteens filene's fourteens francine's francines goldstein's irene's kathleen's lamine's latrines levine's lorean's machine's machines machines' marine's marines marines' martines mclean's mcmeans preteens protein's proteins rabin's ravines refenes routines sabine's sardines sixteen's sixteens slovenes soybeans springsteen's sunscreens thirteen's usines vaccine's vaccines weinstein's

1 syllable words that rhyme with submarines

bean's beans brenes cheane's cleans dean's deans deines denes eanes gene's genes green's greene's greens greens' henes jean's jeanes jeans kean's leans leins liens means means' peens queen's queens saenz scenes screens sheen's sheens skeens stiens teens viens weins wiens

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