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Words that rhyme with parfaits

4 syllable words that rhyme with parfaits

communiques compusa's indosuez urokinase

3 syllable words that rhyme with parfaits

cabarets cabernets chevrolet's chevrolets delosreyes dismutase dossiers iras lyonnais lyonnaise matinees overplays piaget's pinochet's polonaise reappraise santa-fe's touvier's

2 syllable words that rhyme with parfaits

ablaze allays amaze appraise arrays b-j's ballet's ballets benet's betrays bombay's bouquets buffets caches cafes chalets cliches conveys da's decays defrays delays delhaize deshaies dismays displays essays filets inaez jose's jouret's lescaze malaise malays mcveigh's mj's monet's morays obeys okays oles portrays purveys repays rephrase replays roget's survey's surveys today's todays

1 syllable words that rhyme with parfaits

a's a.'s a.s baise baize bay's bayes bays bayse baze blaese blaise blaize blase blayze blaze braise brase cayes chaise che's claes claeys clays crase cray's crays craze dais daise dase day's days days' daze fay's faye's faze fe's frase fraze frey's gase gays gaze glaze gray's grays graze grey's hase hayes hays hayse haze heys j's j.'s jae's jay's jays k's k.'s kase kay's kayes kays klase lais lase lay's lays leis leys mae's maes maize mase may's mayes mays mays' mayse maze nase nays pais paiz pays pei's phase phrase play's plays praise prays preys raise rase ray's rays raze re's rea's res sais saiz shays shea's shlaes skase sprays stays strays sways swayze tays trays wais way's ways weighs yeas

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euclea, hypolite, stimulant, slopes, refutation, gangloff, halfwit, yahoos, backrests, tchaikovsky, mischaracterizations, mccrorey, gained, ordoyne, adventure, hoffmann, camara, ruttan, firearms, inhibitor, dog.