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To Earthward by Robert Frost


"To Earthward" is a poem written by Robert Frost. This poem could be about many different things. Is it about nature, love, or is it about longing for something? It seems as if the poet is longing for his childhood. He wants to get stains on his shorts and tears in his eyes from love.

This poem is made up of eight stanzas with four lines in each. It is rhymed as ABAB.


To Earthward

Love at the lips was touch
As sweet as I could bear;
And once that seemed too much;
I lived on air

That crossed me from sweet things,
The flow of--was it musk
From hidden grapevine springs
Downhill at dusk?

I had the swirl and ache
From sprays of honeysuckle
That when they're gathered shake
Dew on the knuckle.

I craved strong sweets, but those
Seemed strong when I was young;
The petal of the rose
It was that stung.

Now no joy but lacks salt,
That is not dashed with pain
And weariness and fault;
I crave the stain

Of tears, the aftermark
Of almost too much love,
The sweet of bitter bark
And burning clove.

When stiff and sore and scarred
I take away my hand
From leaning on it hard
In grass and sand,

The hurt is not enough:
I long for weight and strength
To feel the earth as rough
To all my length.

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Literary Movement
19th Century

Nature, Love, Longing, Evening

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