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The Pasture by Robert Frost


"The Pasture" is a poem written by Robert Frost. This poem is a cute one about nature. The author speaks of it being spring and the snow is melting. He states that he is going out to the pasture to rake leaves and get a little calf that's by the mother.

This poem is written as two stanzas with four lines in each. It is rhymed as ABBC.


The Pasture

I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;
I'll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear, I may):
I sha'n't be gone long.-You come too.

I'm going out to fetch the little calf
That's standing by the mother. It's so young,
It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
I sha'n't be gone long.-You come too.

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Literary Movement
19th Century

Nature, Snow, Spring

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